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Libra Horse Personality

The Horse Libra has the great good fortune to be the most physically beautiful of all the DoubleSign combinations. Indeed, there isn’t a shop window that you can pass by without glancing into it in order to examine your own reflection. In an age without recognized courtesans, you are an ambulatory Versailles.

It will be incumbent upon you to recognize the characteristic vices of the essentially Libran courtesan — vanity, frippery, cattiness, shallowness — and neutralize them before they become a way of life for you.

Beauty does not necessarily connote idiocy, and you have the potential to absorb a vast amount of knowledge, so don’t listen to those who expect you to adhere to a Horsy stereotype, as you will only be limiting what should be a limitless search for perfection in all aspects of your being, not just the physical.

In fact, since your body is already perfect, you might want to concentrate on your mind for a while, and put some substance behind what others suspect is merely a facade.

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