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Libra In Love

If you are a Libra you are attractive, flirty and one of the herd. You are a born partner, inhibited in public but deeply in love in private. You are romantic, charming, flirty and popular when you are single. But it is essential for your well-being to be part of a duo. And eventually you are glad to leave those dates behind you.

Madly in love with a Libra?

libraBe bright, elegant, cultivated and clever. Take the Libra to beautiful places: he/she melts in the vicinity of scenic beauty. Try not to be greedy or jealous. And above all, do not be loud or obscene: the Libra can’t stand that. But they can handle healthy discussions, they even live of them.

The most legendary beauties have been known to be Libra’s. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Adonis, Queen Guinevere, Bridgett Bardot, Rita Hayworth and Heather Locklear. How about the Men; Supermans, Christopher Reeves, James Bonds Rodger Moore, Michael Douglas, Tommy Lee, Luke Perry and John Mellencamp. These Handsome thorough breads are always polished, poised and ready to be displayed.

Their classic good looks and sleek forms make us all jealous. Libra’s are very prepared to do what ever it takes to keep themselves fit and trim. The physical shell is very important for them to possess and maintain, as well as their partners.

If you are looking for someone stylish, hip, part love goddess and part femme fatal, a Libra could be your perfect match.

If you are a woman of refinement and class, and have had your share of the dishelved and scruffy man in your life, it is time to hook up with Libra. A Libra man can be both masculine and boyish. He is charming and sensitive. But… watch out these dashingly handsome devils are known to be lady-killers.

Libra’s are great listeners. They are always willing to share your interests. They are known to be the chameleons of the zodiac. They will have a great appreciation for your hobbies as well as your work.

Are you feeling lonely? If so, a Libra is a great companion. They are attentive and affectionate. . Togetherness is vital for a Libra when they are in a relationship. Which is always! They love to question the destruction and demise of your last romance. They want to know everything. Why didn’t it work out? What went wrong? Hearing the answers provides them with great satisfaction to this peculiar inner competion. Be prepared to listen as well. They are talkers and will inevitably share there past sufferings with you.

Marriage and partnership are very important to a Libra. If you are looking to get married quickly, a Libra could be the one for you. However, a little valuable advice: Libra’s fall out of love just as quickly as they fall in love.

The scales are the symbol that represents the sign Libra. These scales represent balance and imbalance. Libra can have the emotional restraint of a Virgo and the firey intensity of a Scorpio. They do understand compromise and compassion. They believe that a relationship must be give and take to achieve balance and harmony.

Clues to Allure a Libra:

1. The difficulty is actually getting a Libra. Considering they are always in a relationship. We suggest that you still present yourself as an alluring prospect.

2. They are not to fond of being unattached. This means they will probably stay with their current partner until someone better comes along. You could be the one! A tasty temptation is hard to resist.

3. Make sure that you are polished and groomed. Looking put together is very important.

The Perfect Date:

Where to go? Roll out the red carpet! Libra’s like to be treated like royalty. The Opera or the ballet will do nicely. An elegant five star restaurant. A hip bar or nightclub where they can be seen. Make sure you have access to the VIP room! A prestigious, A-list event such as a movie premiere or opening night of a Broadway play.

The Perfect Gift:

Fine Jewelry, CDs, CD player, Sterling Sliver Lighter, Sterling Silver Business Card Holder, Perfume, A hand or Wall Mirror, Art, Fine Clothing

What to Talk About?

Be prepared to talk about the ins and outs of relationships nonstop. Talk about fashion and style. Discuss what is hot on the runways of New York and Paris. Talk about vacations you can plan together. Party giving is a good subject. Libra’s are very social. They love to got to and give lavish parties. An absolute no-no is to fart, burp or snort in public. We recommend speaking softly. They have very low tolerance for people screaming loudly at social events or in private.

Want to Allure Libra in the Bedroom?

Libra’s are very open sexually. They believe making love is an art form.

They want it all. The vibes, mood setting, ambience and lighting all have to right on cue. They like to create an atmosphere of fantasy and passion. They are very into verbal as well as physical foreplay. They tend to get hung up on looking perfect and beautiful during sex. The obsession for physical perfection can sometimes inhibit Libra woman. Stroking their egos and showering them with compliments is highly suggested.

Librans are sexual pleasers. It is very important for them to please their partner. They do not feel complete unless they know that their partner is satisfied. They will put their partners needs before their own when they are truly in love.

Libra’s tend to be exhibitionists. They love the attention-given the right lighting of coarse. Suggest making a video. They will be into it!

Ready to end your relationship:

Ending a relationship with a Libra will not be an easy task. Libra is perhaps the most difficult of all the sun signs to end a romance with. They tend to get under your skin without you even becoming aware of it until it is to late. Do not be surprised if there are fits of screaming nervous breakdowns, psychodramas and attempted suicides are all part of the coarse.

A clean break up is best. Disappear if you have to. Pack your stuff quickly and get out. Otherwise it is going to get ugly! If you are financially involved with a Libra this could get very messy. In their mind they will feel as though they have given up everything for you. You owe them. They molded themselves into the perfect person for you.

A Libra will hold on until the very end. Usually they are not going to be the one to break it off. However, this could all change if someone better is waiting in the wings. Loyalty is not one of their best traits. Librans can be very possessive even after a relationship ends. It is fine for them to begin a new one but would not be amused if you have done the same. Odds are they will never like any person that you start a new relationship with. They can leave you for someone else but will never forgive you for doing the same.

Libra’s at their best:

Libra’s will bring you beauty, harmony and class to your life. They are extremely social and are usually admired by their peers. You will be the envy of all your friends. They are very giving and romantic. They love to give compliments as well as gifts. They will help you create a beautiful, elegant home. They are usually very fair and believe in maintaining peace and harmony in the relationship.

Who’s Hot

Bridget Bardot, Heather Locklear, Sigourney Weaver,Michael Douglas, Bruce Springsteen, Carre Otis, Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan, John Mellencamp, Sting, John Lennon, Tim Robbins, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Lee, Susan Sarandon

Who’s Not

Julio Iglesias, Meat Loaf, Bryant Gumble, Chevy Chase, Marie Osmond, Nancy Kerrigan, Sarah Ferguson, Angela Lansbury, Margot Kidder, Martina Navratilova

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