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Libra January 2018 Horoscope

Libra January 2018 Horoscope Monthly Overview

The Libra January 2018 monthly horoscope forecasts that if you can, you absolutely should spend the day with friends on the 1st. Yes, being around the people you like most is going to be the best way to bring in the new year. By the excellent 4th and 5th, you should prepare yourself for terrific news either on the work or on the romance front (or maybe both!). That low energy moment (or series of moments) that plagues you on the 10th or 11th is simply your body (and soul) telling you to take a break. Libra, pamper yourself. When was the last time you went for a jog?

By the fun-filled and very romantic 12th, 13th and 14th of January 2018, you and they are having fun! And it is awfully romantic. Chances are, they are feeling just the way you do about all of this. So why not kiss? Your world is full of magnetism and beauty on the 19th, 20th and 21st, but do be careful not to over-indulge (in those magnetically delicious chocolates, for example). There’s a lot of emotion circulating in your vicinity on the 24th, 25th and 26th. Feel it, but don’t let it overwhelm you. The details are important on the 30th. Check them.

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January 2018 Love Horoscope & Relationships Forecasts Libra

The January 2018 Libra horoscope predicts that what, you say, just how is a day with friends on the 1st romantic? Well, on the face of it, it isn’t, exactly. But all the good vibes you are going to generate by spending time with the people you like most is going to make you glow. Once you glow, it’s only a question of time before someone really cute comes up and demands to go out to dinner with you. Seriously, it’s just that simple. So enjoy the day, play some Frisbee or go cross-country skiing or just hang out and watch old movies with your buds.

Awesome, and very possibly romantically-related developments brighten your life on the 4th and 5th. Feeling a little low on the 10th or 11th? Well, that’s a sign: You need to take a little extra special good care of yourself. Heck, give yourself flowers! And a box of chocolates, if you feel like it. Oh-la-la, things are looking very, very romantic in your vicinity on the 12th, 13th and 14th. Libra, have fun! Seek out beauty on the 19th, 20th and 21st. Oh, heck. If you don’t seek it out, it will probably find you. But don’t make things too difficult by playing hide-and-seek with the good things seeking you out. Feel your feelings on the 24th, 25th and 26th of January 2018. Make sure you know when their birthday is on the 30th.

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Libra Career January 2018 Horoscope

Spend the 1st, if you possibly can, having as much relaxed, regenerative fun with friends as you can manage. What does enjoying yourself have to do with work and career, you might ask? Everything! The Libra 2018 January monthly predictions suggest that if you’re in a good, relaxed, happy place, it’s going to be the best possible way for you to come up with good ideas, interact with people and generally feel like your work is meaningful. Yeah! By the pretty terrific 4th and 5th, you’ll already see just how effective this ‘let go, loosen up and enjoy things’ attitude is for your work.

Libra, give yourself a well-deserved break on the 10th. Go to the sauna or get a massage if you can. If your budget is limited, check out the local massage school. You can help someone learn the ropes! Harmony is what you want and what you need on the 15th. So find it or create it. Cooperate on the 20th, and your work product will be amazing. Share your work plans, hopes and successes with friends and family on the 25th of January 2018. Go for a walk if the details overwhelm you on the 30th.

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2018 January Health & Fitness Astrology Predictions For The Scales

The Libra astrology forecasts for January 2018 show that you should go ahead on the 1st, and make one more resolution. When you wake up, decide this is going to be your healthiest year so far. Don’t over-think it. Don’t analyze it to death. Just resolve: Healthy is how it’s going to be. Then, make it happen. On the 6th, spend time getting down to the nitty-gritty of staying healthy. What’s working great in your workout? What’s not? Where are your strengths? Where are your weaknesses? Have you been cutting corners? Overindulging? Under-eating?

On the 13th, get started putting a new idea or two into practice. Basketball? Bike-riding? Get going! On the 18th, you’ve reached a critical point: Push, and you can really follow through on your beginning-of-the-month resolution. On the 27th of January 2018, focus on how you’re doing what you’re doing. Are you eating healthy, but too fast? Do you savor your food? The same questions go for exercise. Are you having any fun? On the 26th, do your best to balance all the demands in your life — without compromising your health routine. Libra, on the 31st, you feel pretty darned good. Good!

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