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Libra In Karmic Astrology

Libra To contribute balance, justice, equality and beauty to your world

Those abstract and aesthetic ideals need to be integrated and lived. You ask for fairness. Are you always fair and balanced? Justice begins at home. Living in the world, you are balancing harsh reality and injustice on one had and the Ideal on the other. Start with becoming Just yourself. You love music and theater and literature. Beyond amusements, they will nourish your Soul as well. There is an important place in this world for gentle-men and ladies.

“By living your high idealism you demonstrate by example.”

These were the beauties of the old ancient cultures, to learn to have substance now instead of just external beauty is a test. Some of them created beautiful pieces of art, architecture and cities.

They have to learn to relate on an equal level in this life..and come in knowing that at an instinctive level, therefore striving to never be alone…sometimes filling the gaps with senseless relationships. Learning to live in relationships with much depth is important.

The opposite of this archetype would be Athena, daughter of Zeus, who was the only immortal female because she sprang from the Head (ARIES) of Zeus…thus only relating on a mental level. Librans will often have great anger at their dependency on relationships, and this can be determined by the degree of sincerity regarding their equality within that relationship.

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