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Libra Life Mission

As a Libra, you’re supposed to be finding peace and balance in your life by allowing yourself to share with someone else. That’s what you’re learning in this lifetime – to discover yourself through the eyes of your partner!

Your Libra Affirmation

Your Libra Affirmation is “I am balanced and peaceful and my love is my strength.”

Say your Affirmation often, and learn to believe it! Your subconscious mind listens to what you’re telling yourself!

If you tell yourself you’re alone and will never find love or peace, chances are your wishes will come true!

Try instead to really believe that you can control your own destiny, that you are truly in charge of your own life!

Your Life Issues As A Libra:

Relationships, dependency issues, finding harmony and peace – the idea is to balance your needs against the needs of others and discover who you are through a partner.

Tell yourself often, so your subconscious mind believes it:

“I I am balanced and peaceful and my love is my strength.”

Clues You’re not Doing Well With Your Libra Life Mission:

  • if you have no close relationship and no time or energy for one,
  • if you insist on doing everything yourself and never considering the needs of others.

– it’s a clue you need to do some inner work on those Libra qualities!

Energy Imbalances come from:

  • not believing you deserve a relationship,
  • not honoring your need for other people in your life.

Clues You’re Doing Well With Your Libra Life Mission:

  • You feel like your life is in harmony,
  • you have a close relationship,
  • you balance your needs against the needs of others.

When You Are Most Yourself & Most Happy:

When you feel like you enjoy and like and deserve other people in your life, when things feel harmonious, when life seems fair and balanced.

Good Jobs For You:

A mediator, public relations person, counselor, definitely something dealing with people, something where you bring people together, a partnership.

Good Relationships For Libra – LOVE For A Libra Sun:

Someone who shares your need to do things together rather than alone, someone who enjoys people and conversations, someone who cares about the feelings of other people, not someone self-centered.

Good Things To Consider If You’re A Libra Sun:

  • Take some classes in mediation or interior design,
  • do some painting, wear pastel colors,
  • wear some Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is the Libra gemstone because it brings love and companionship into your life.
  • buy yourself fresh flowers once in a while,
  • paint the walls some mellow colors,
  • think about a business partnership,
  • ask someone to go to a movie with you instead of going alone!

What are Libra qualities?

A healthy give and take way of relating with others, making decisions based on fairness, caring about what others think without being totally wishy-washy!.

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