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The Libra Man

The Libra man is a Venusian; he is a person with great fascination, refined and sensitive that wants to be surrounded by situations and things that reflect good innate taste that satisfies the aesthetic, always with a very strong sense.

Libra is a female sign and, the man of the sign, assists in having a very gripped relationship with Venus, universally recognised as the Goddess of love, the beauty and the harmony, but not necessarily easy to interpret in the male universe.

In fact, our hero is extremely refined also on a psychological level: in all the things he perceives duplicity and feels strongly the need to find a relationship between the parties, leading him to interact in the way of creating the possibility of pooling and exchanging; he also has a strong sense of the ideal and, therefore he tries to build around one environment in which there is pleasantness and harmonisation.

The Libra man aesthetic sense hates all that is rough and uncivilized: the man of the sign hates what is instinctive and natural and, in a certain sense, he represents the impact “culture” has had on “nature”. So, he does not love simple and compulsive sexuality, but the eroticism that is strongly soaked with culture, refinement and desire.

The Libra man does not love creativity but art that is for him the most sophisticated expression; he does not love passion but the psychic relationship, which allows a true exchange between people; he does not love the explosive diatribes but he looks for justice, rights and dialogue to settle “far west” issues among men.

Everything combined, he has cultivated detachment and objectiveness for a long time, two qualities that let him, in many situations, be really “above the parties” and able to judge and give opinions, or give advice that aims to improve human relations.

Without fear of being denied we can say that the Libra man “loves humanity generally” and, as far as it is possible for him, he tries to facilitate relations, be on a personal level both true real and own professions.

It leads his strong aesthetic sense to include art: as well as finding numerous Libra artists who manage to delicately express their way in the inner world, we can find also that judge art: art critics have often values tied to this sign. Another peculiarity of natives is their ethical, true and own vocation: often we can hear him philosophising on personal or social ethics: he has this ability because he sees reality and never loses contact with the ideal, or with “as things should be in perfection”.

To fully develop the Libra man has cultivated his values for a long time, has worked on his “right – duty” and has learnt to take into consideration others as “I diverge but with the same rights” exceeding the logic of abuse and of overwhelming.

The Libra man is recognised among thousands of men for his very painstaking skin, for the choice of suits and the accessories that he chooses in impeccable way, for the perfume that he always wears, also when he seems a bandit of masculinity, and, lastly, for his always distinction and elegance which is never dismantled. He has a kind of innate, visible refinement since he was a child.

Obviously from the male zodiac point of view, The Libra man seems to be extra-terrestrial; very detached, he talks about cooperation and of sharing when everyone else wants to compete and conquer.

He tries to mediate rather than to be right at all costs; he takes care of himself, cares about his physique, goes to the beautician and can talk to you for hours about the latest Valentino or Armani shows or the inauguration of a Salvador Dalì Exhibition. He loves his relationship with women and hates the violent and brutal sports but, especially, he hates vulgarity and aggressiveness in all its forms.

His darkness? Like all the signs that are shown with characteristics that are very different from those of the ruling culture, the Libra man also has a darkness that can become very visible when he is born and grows in a context that suffocates and does not let him express his characteristics and when he is in a coarse environment where his aesthetic sensitiveness and his wish for perfection are deride and humiliated, if not absolutely accused of being “effeminate”.

In these cases our hero will be forced to surgically cut the best of him, eliminating what is intrinsic in his nature, finishing in life “perverted” and forced to express qualities that are for him completely extraneous, such as competitiveness, violence and conquest that, on the interior, will make him furious and needing to fight, it goes without saying, with the women who reflect his inner womanliness on him, that side he must suppress.

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