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Libra Manipulation Potential

Libra Manipulation Potential

Libra is a sign that is incredibly balanced, or looks for a way to be so anyhow. Once Libra achieves this harmonious state of self, they are able to be powerful and authoritative.

Libra is a very calm person, able to be great at judging and mediating in any given situation. In addition, the scales represent the Libra, so this enhances their overall sense of knowledge and awareness of life. If someone very close to Libra, for example, were to know the unique and detailed qualities of the internal Libra selves, this could put a damper on the overall Libra potentiality in expressing their full personalities.

Some hidden aspects to a fellow Libra consist of being open to people in general; their natures are immersed into their society, giving them power as an individual to make a change in their community. While they may be very charming and sentimental, internally, they have some additional imperfections.

Once someone knows these awareness possibilities, they could manipulate the Libra and then minimize their overall potential to be great, successful people.

For instance, Libra people discover often that it extremely difficult to say no to anyone. On the one hand, they want to please everyone and be of assistance and help their fellow human beings, but on the other hand, they just want to be the good guys and do the right thing.

One of the weak spots that can essentially be manipulated is the sense of insecurity. They are usually opened books, but when put into constrictive situations or environments Libra cannot breathe and often times feel trapped. Therefore, if you know this about Libra and want to put them down in work, you could easily make them feel inconvenient and torture them internally.

For example, you could create tension through instigating an argument. Libra wouldnt like to take sides, so they are most likely to stay out or feel threatened if forced to discuss something ambiguous.

Another aspect of the Libra weakness is their sense of detachment. To really put these guys or gals down and impact them negatively in their overall potential, you can manipulate their emotions. Talk to them about deep emotional instabilities and that would be sure to aggravate the Libra personalities.

These people truly do not like confrontation, and if put in the situation, they might try to rise up to the occasion and give it a fighting chance. Still, they would be caught off guard regardless.

These folks would rather appreciate a quiet night in than a loud crowded party out. Because Libra are also known to be uncertain in their endeavors, you could manipulate them right here as well. Get on their bad side and they will be sure to cut you out of their lives, however.

They will not stand people who constantly put them down. Even in a relationship, if they know what is good for them, they will leave or at least make sure through discussion that it won’t happen again.

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