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Libra May 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our May 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Libra Zodiac Sign!

Libra May Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

This is a month of verbal and mental battles; you will have to fight hard to win acceptance for your ideas and plans, convincing people will not be easy. Your patience is at a premium in May 2016, and your fuse is short, especially mid-month. You will tend to blow up and lose your temper quite quickly. You may argue with colleagues or siblings. You are very irritable, and you have reason to be; little things going wrong will be a real irritation, and it is a frustrating time.

It is worth remembering that more haste is less speed, and you may actually achieve more by backing off and leaving something and rather picking it up at a later stage when you can deal with it more calmly. With people, just leave them be, the argument that seems so important at the time is not actually that vital and is best walked away from. If they will not accept your point of view, leave it, they may come round to your way of thinking later, and pressuring them could actually alienate them.

Your energy is high right now, and you are mentally alert, but it can be very hard to channel that energy in constructive ways. This is a good month for standing up for yourself, for tackling physical chores and for doing lots of little jobs rather than one long drawn out one. If you can plan ahead, make sure that you do not schedule something that needs concentration and sustained effort for May. If you need to do something in a rush, last minute, then maybe the energies in May 2016 are just right for that – but do not cut too many corners!

This can be an excellent month for students cramming for exams.

May 2016 Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

Single Libra may experience intense sexual attraction to someone new in May 2016, which results in a rather hectic romance. This romance can be rather compulsive, but can also be highly disruptive to your life and can start and end suddenly. Even if this relationship is brief, it can be very revealing, and you may find that you can talk about matters that are very sensitive to you with this person. Being able to share your deepest feelings with this special someone will feel very good, and even if you don’t hit it off long term, you can still be friends.

Sudden explosions can erupt in marriages, and you will both take this opportunity to get things off your chest. Arguments are rather heated, and anything that has been brewing below the surface will come to light quite dramatically. You may both accuse each other of acting in a manner that is overbearing and possessive. This is a good opportunity to redefine the relationship and set some new boundaries. The argument will clear the air, and it is perhaps a good thing for you both to acknowledge that you each need some more space right now and some more respect for the emotions that you may both be going through. In some cases, you may storm out and spend a few nights at a friend or Mom. This little relationship drama is actually quite cleansing in nature, and you will appreciate each other far more afterwards.

Things will calm down towards the end of the month, and the sex should be very good then.

Libra Career Horoscope May 2016

Those you work with may find you rather snappy and irritable in May 2016. You have little patience with others, and this is not a great month for teachers, lawyers, instructors or anyone who has to explain detailed concepts to others, as you are simply not focused and may omit details. If you drive for a living, be extra careful in May 2016 and leave more time on all journeys. Likewise, business trips may be beset with delays and aggravations, and may not achieve everything you hoped for. The best way to deal with the month is to get everything organized at the start of May, and so if you are rushed and stressed as the month wears on, you can fall back on the work you did early on.

Although you are likely to have many good plans and ideas in May 2016, a scattering of energy and a struggle to get organized due to factors in the outside world, which may be disruptive, and factors to do with legal and language matters will hamper progress.

You will also have to make sure assertiveness does not become aggression in the way in which you deal with situations. This is a very good month for those who work in newsrooms, journalism and fast-paced working environments, where quick thinking is the order of the day A frustrating and busy month, but you will look back and be pleased with what you achieved, all considered.


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