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Libra November 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our November 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Libra Zodiac Sign!

Libra November Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

Careful and systematic about what you do, you are perfectionistic and precise in November 2016 and are leaving nothing to chance. You are very motivated and committed to concrete results in November 2016; you will ignore distractions and work tirelessly to achieve something you have set as a goal. You must be careful not to become so bogged down in the detail that you miss the bigger picture.

You have a very real sense of personal responsibility in November 2016 – you have also set your standards very high and will not be tolerant of time wasters and people about you who are not pulling their weight. This is not a month when you will suffer fools gladly, and your criticisms can even be quite harsh at times – although fair. Librans are known for being tough but fair, and that is your motto in November 2016. You are also just as critical of yourself, but you must learn to take a step back in November 2016 as you could lose sight of the wood for the trees, and that may be counterproductive. Do not work in isolation and remain open to outside ideas.

It is also a month of assessing where you are in terms of the life changes you have been working on – how are things going, and do you need to think more about where exactly you are headed to on this adventure we call life? Life is an adventure after all, your unique adventure, and so never stop thinking, growing, striving and never accepting second best.

November 2016 Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

November is a somewhat serious time in relationships – commitment, dedication, stability and thoughtfulness are what you are looking for and needing. If your partner is behaving frivolously, irresponsibly or childishly, you will not be happy with them.

It’s one of those overworked, underappreciated months, and you are wondering if he/she has already forgotten everything you spoke about last month? You may be in a slightly glass is half empty frame of mind when it comes to relationships – your own tiredness, sensitivity and negativity may be leading you to make too much of something that is in reality small. Maybe what you need is a glass of wine and a good party after all?

You really need to relax more in relationships and not take yourself or anything else too seriously in November 2016. The more you cool off, the more he/she will back away, and then you will end up feeling unloved, and it becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. If your relationship is basically sound, you should not overreact to anything that happens in November 2016. If you are feeling that the relationship is actually one of the big things that is holding you back in life or causing you emotional anguish, then perhaps this is the time to start looking at options going forward quite seriously – look to the new year and what your first steps can be to either get the relationship back on track or call it quits.

Librans in newer relationships may decide that the new guy/gal is just not worth it. This is a month when long distance relationships can go through an especially hard time; it is also a month when society/your community may frown on your relationship, i.e. relationships with very large age gaps, cross-cultural relationships, alternate relationships, etc. Remember it’s what makes you happy that counts – “never give up on a good thing, remember what makes you happy, if love is what you got, you got the lot,” as George Benson sung.

Libra Career Horoscope November 2016

You are very result driven in November 2016 and are a bit of a workaholic. You are also willing to do those jobs no one else wants to do. You are happy for the buck to stop with you and will take on responsibility as you have a can-do attitude and, what’s more, you want to do it. You are in a ‘if you want a job done properly do it yourself’ mode – it is not that others cannot do it properly, it’s that you have a very specific idea about how you want it done and so it is easier for you to do it yourself than explain every detail.

In your business, you may in-source – is that the right word for the opposite of outsourcing? Not sure there is even an opposite to outsource? Let’s go with in-source. You may choose to do something yourself that you used to outsource as it may be faster and cheaper, i.e. new accounting software may make it possible for you to keep your own books, new graphic design software may enable you to do your own creative designs and marketing.

November 2016 is a highly productive month, not one of much travel or interaction with others – it’s more about detail work, paperwork, office work, admin, etc.

Avoid new financial investment or taking loans – keep it simple financially in November 2016.

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