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Libra October 2016 Horoscope

Welcome to our October 2016 Monthly Horoscope For Libra Zodiac Sign!

Libra October Monthly Horoscope 2016- Overview

The time is now right for critical decisions and for bringing things that have been problematic or tapering off to a close. Look to concluding any project or activity in your life that is no longer providing value for time or money.

Do it now – is the motto for in October 2016 for you, dear Libra.

Balancing the amount of time and energy you spend on yourself versus others is also crucial – you may have been spending too much time on yourself selfishly and now the special people around you have begun to feel neglected, or it may be that you have been people-pleasing to such a degree that you have lost yourself, and you need to claim backspace and time to be you and to redefine your identity.

The emphasis is not on what you have done, but on who you are and how you want to be seen by others. Relationships (both business and personal) and how these contribute to your self-image and confidence will have to be analyzed – it is time to cut contact with those who make you feel negative and bring you down. Put a red ring around the Debbie Downers, the Gary Gossips and the Toxic Tanyas you know and show them the door.

In October 2016 ask yourself what you are waiting for – we are always waiting for the right time and often there is not ‘right time’ we must just take the chance and do it.

October 2016 Libra Monthly Love Horoscope

You are inclined to bring up matters that you have been going over in your head for some time in October 2016. It is a great time to talk things out – you will feel like you have the words to express what you have wanted to say for a while, but which you felt unable to. You are also able to take on board criticism from your partner and handle this in a logical way without being hurt. It can be a great time to talk about where relationships are going – will you move in together, will you get married, will you have another child, should you spend time differently, ways in which you can both contribute more to helping things work?

Relationships are dynamic, and yet all too often we expect them to be routine and can get insecure when things change; in October 2016, you should talk about how the relationship can change for the better for both of you, this will, of course, also mean your sex life. Making assumptions in relationships often causes problems, and this is the time to iron out any incorrect assumptions or preconceptions you may be carrying about that are hurting communication and harmony. A good time to embark on marriage counselling if that is what is needed.

Single Librans will be unwilling to commit in October 2016 – you are not short of admirers, but you are not settling for second best, and you need to be 100% sure. You are not wanting to waste time on romances that are going nowhere.

Libra Career Horoscope October 2016

October 2016 is a very good time for all careers involving communications. You are very verbal and eloquent right now, especially when you talk about subjects close to your heart.

October 2016 is an excellent time for dealing with facts, figures, words and ideas which bodes well for accountants, bankers, teachers, journalists, copywriters and promoters. However, since most jobs or business ventures involve using words or figures to some degree, in October 2016 gives a boost to every Libran’s confidence when using these. You may be a masseuse placing an ad in the paper and you find you are very good at coming up with an eye-catching slogan for your business, you may be a creative person who suddenly finds the financial side of your business easier to grasp and more interesting. In whatever business or line of work you are in, be bold with words and numbers: expand your knowledge of basic accounting and improve your vocabulary.

October 2016 is an excellent month for negotiation and deal making – you are very persuasive and diplomatic. A good time for lawyers, arbitrators and politicians.

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