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Libra On Sixth House Cusp

Libra On Sixth House Cusp

Libra On Sixth House Cusp

Libra in 6th house:

Your day-to-day life is all about ‘partnership’, and this will show up in one of two ways:

1) making sure your partner’s everyday activities (work, service) revolve around their meeting your needs or making sure you are healthy and well (their being a practically supportive partner to you);

or 2) making sure the day-to-day of life is taken care of through your partnership, meaning that you get everything done with your partner. You equally share the responsibilities that need to be met to have your everyday life work smoothly and simply.

With this placement, it is not uncommon to for you to work with your partner – for the two of you to be co-workers or for you to share a business or service project of some sort.

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