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Libra Ox Personality

The Ox Libra is a seething storm of inner turmoil wrapped in a protective shell. You are utterly fascinated by the idea of perfect purity and order as per your Libra perspective, and constantly strive for it in all aspects of your life.

Yet your internal contradictions keep tripping you up unconsciously: the wrong job, the wrong place to live, and the wrong relationship. But that Ox perseverance keeps sending you right back for more, in the naive hope that perhaps everything will go as planned the next time around.

But it never does, and the intelligent Libra side of your equation knows that it never will go smoothly — thus the constant conflict. On the plus side, you have a way with words, and will gleefully broadcast a play-by-play of your personal emotional wars to everyone within earshot, charming them with animated descriptions of amusing situations.

Libra Ox PersonalityAfter all, who would have thought that such a self-proclaimed perfectionist could have gotten involved with all of those out-and-out lunatics?

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