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The Libra Parent

If one of your parents is a Libra, they are happy and positive most of the time. They love to shop, so they probably buy you lots of toys, clothes and other gifts. They also love to eat sweets, like chocolate or ice cream! Your Libra parent goes out of their way to treat you and your siblings equally, and they won’t play favorites. They dislike when people scream and yell, so getting wild won’t get the to listen. If you have a problem, collect your thoughts and have a calm discussion with them. You’ll see that they value your opinions!

Libra children

You like music and art — take extra classes to develop your talents. It is very important to you that everyone is treated fairly. For instance, you might go out of your way to stop bullies from teasing other kids at school. You are nice to everybody. It upsets you to see anyone sad. You smile a lot and people love to be around you. But, please understand that people will still like you if you say no to their ideas, or even if you get angry. People will forgive you for not being happy all the time — and it is normal to express all sorts of feelings! Read more about Libra Child

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