Libra Pig Personality

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Libra Pig Personality

The Pig Libra possesses the unsavory habit of spending it as fast as it comes in the door, and not just in matters of money, either. Spoiled rotten, that’s what you are — waited on hand and foot by an army of admirers who will do anything to keep the Libra in you alive, happy and endlessly broadcasting.

You will soon need to shake off the shackles of your habitual lethargy and get your hands dirty, but you are unsure of how to begin or whether indeed you are suitable for the task at all.

Libra Pig PersonalityHave no fear, dear Pig — you’re up to anything, if only you’d make it a habit to roll out of bed before noon.

Don’t get stranded at high tide during the decision-making process either, or else it will turn out to be a self-negating endeavor. Some things are better left to chance.

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