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Libra psychological profile

Libra is involved with the dynamic of balance and cooperation. The first truly social sign, Libra is compelled to explore relationships in all their permutations, and to come to know himself through the “mirroring” process which occurs in significant partnerships. Libra is a new energy, like its opposite sign Aries, for it marks the beginning of the second, more social half of the zodiacal cycle. Just as Aries is full of the drive to express himself no matter what, Libra is driven to relate to others and the world, continually balancing what he finds there with what he finds within himself.

Libra is represented by the scales, and constantly weighs ideas and ideals against real experiences. Like other air signs, Libra can become very involved with mental concepts of how things ought to be, so that disparities between cherished ideas and harsh reality can be upsetting. Libra likes to project a harmonious image, and may be handsome, charming, refined or polite. Likewise, his aesthetic nature may endow him with artistic or musical talent. Libra dislikes getting dirty or disheveled, and prefers to keep experiences on the physical plane neat and tidy, if not sublime.

Libra may seem stiff and restricted if social niceties stifle the true self, in which case he loses the capacity to truly relate to another person, make decisions, or enjoy life, as he so badly wants to. In this case, Libra must learn more about his polar opposite, Aries, and cultivate a balance between a clear sense of self and responsiveness to others. Libra is ruled by Venus, and is sometimes criticized for being in love with love.

An air sign after all, mental Libra enjoys the sweet, polite, and somewhat enchanted experience of meeting a new friend or lover, though the deep psychological involvement which follows can leave Libra frightened and unsure of himself and the universe. Why are people so messy inside? Why can’t love remain as pure it was in the beginning? Libra can become so gun-shy of the trenches of human relationships that he withdraws altogether, and in the worst case begins using his charms to manipulate and use others for his own advantage or pleasure. Libra pales at the sight of blood, the sound of tears, and the embarrassment of his own or another’s dark inner workings laid bare. But if he can bravely face down such beasties, Libra is an even handed, charming friend, and a gracious, fun-loving partner who strives for fairness — even during the hard times.

Sometimes-paradoxical questions which will be important to Libra’s long-term development are:

  • “How can I respect my responsibilities to others without compromising my sense of self?”
  • “How can I maintain a sense of harmony in my life without sweeping important issues under the rug?”
  • “How can I truly be myself in a way that improves my relationship to others?”

For more about these issues, read about Libra’s opposite sign, Aries.

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