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Libra Rabbit Personality

The Rabbit Libra is a pampered, spoiled, surfeited brat — and everyone else envies you for this. You are lazy and live well off the proceeds. Even-tempered and true to your Libran namesake, you seek a balance between all parties concerned.

You are not a person of action, but a person of communication, and you absolutely cannot tolerate raw emotions, harsh dissonances, or indeed unpleasantness of any kind.

Libra Rabbit PersonalityYou are in the habit of selecting the “flight” option from the “fight or flight” menu when the opportunity presents itself. “There is no problem so great that it can’t be avoided,” this is your personal motto, and your long string of ex-lovers can confirm that, since you hit the ground running as soon as the dew has dried from the bloom of the shared romance.

You are the champion rascal of Rabbits, however, and you will never run out of willing victims for your charm.

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