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Libra Rat Personality

Given a healthy dollop of genius by both its Oriental and Occidental pedigrees, the Rat Libra is one of the brightest, wittiest, and most scintillating personalities around. You are always broadcasting, which, if your friends and acquaintances can stand up to the constant barrage of me-isms, may often prove to be rewarding in both an emotional and a financial sense, as with great ego comes great generosity.

Ever hopeful, ever fearful, ever conspiring and construing and gossiping, your love life as one of these endearingly convoluted devils is an engaging whirlwind in which no truths are held sacred save that of the idea of Love itself (capital L, please — you take Love seriously because of your Libra side, as opposed to taking their partners seriously instead).

Libra Rat PersonalityA childlike charisma bathes such sensuous charmers as yourself in an aura of good feelings that will take you far in any walk of life, which is par for the course for the Rat in you. The trick is for you not to let the slings and arrows bruise your extra-sensitive skin.

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