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Libra Rooster Personality

Unbridled passion is not the forte of the Rooster Libra; yours is a quieter brand of affection. You have been accused of being aloof and standoffish, but can you help it if you prefer not to associate with certain types of undesirables?

You are unforgiving in your Libran requirements of order and beauty amid the chaos and ugliness of this world. It is advisable for you to spend less time demanding and more time creating, as nothing creates nothing and even order needs a germ from which to grow.

Libra Rooster PersonalitySpare a thought for the organization, because you know that if the Rooster in you doesn’t, nobody else will either. Despite this aura of stuffiness that you carefully cultivate, you are susceptible to emotional disarray from time to time that may well hurl a spanner into the clockwork of your well-groomed reality.

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