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Libra Snake Personality

As a Snake Libra you need never raise your voice, and not because you’re an emotionless, unfeeling robot — as your detractors might see it — but because you’re fully in tune with yourself, evenly balanced as befits your Libran heritage, and, most importantly, impeccably mannered.

But manners need an audience for their exercise, and you must make sure to have one on tap at all times, or you’ll wilt like grass when the Snake in you is kept too long beneath a flat stone. You can’t decide which you like better, attending parties or throwing parties, so you do a great deal of both.

Libra Snake PersonalityYou might prefer to have two lovers, one to suit reason and one to suit emotion, so as to maintain the balance mentioned above, but be advised that this is a very tricky business, and that people are harder to balance than one’s own psyche.

One misstep and your precious equilibrium could be instantly disturbed by breakup proceedings — or perhaps a simple sock on the jaw, if you’ve allowed your manners to slip too far.

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