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Libra Spiritual Meaning

Libra Spiritual Meaning

Your Libra Spirit is Peaceful, harmonious, gentle and people oriented. Your energy is sympathetic, loving and thoughtful.

Libra, being true to yourself means learning to see the validity of your needs and bringing them together with your innate ability to work with others for the purpose of fairness and love.

Your purpose is to teach us how to bend and give, to stand equally strong in self and outside of self, to balance our own needs with the needs of those around us.

Honor Your Spirit and…….

…create a work of art in your soul. Be true to who you are even if that means rocking the boat occasionally. Share your sense of beauty and love through your creative energies, your heart and your words. Feel the truth and validity of your powerful mind.

Learn to trust the first feelings of injustice and speak your mind…the action is equalizing and not unbalancing.

Create an environment that supports the true strength of your inner gentleness. Learn to sink within and find the peace within your soul. Teach others how to see things from different perspectives.

Turning Adversity into Strength.

Hard and trying times in your life will allow you to clearly focus on where you have put up with too much and where you have released too much of self, Libra. Life crisis and events will force you to pull out your strongest resources and will highlight the injustices that you have allowed to accumulate within your life.

When you feel confronted by unfair and tilted situations believe in the truth that in order for something to become unbalanced you had to give that power to the other side. You lightened your own side and gave away your own personal needs.

Balance and inner harmony requires a constant input and output. You have to add and take away. You have to learn that giving up completely in the name of peace and harmony creates a polarity that ultimately destroys what was only a facade.

Peace requires strength and belief and often requires some form of force…even if that force is only via a belief that you have a right to your own needs.

To bring an undeniably needed harmony into your outer life…you have to create it first on your inside. Believe in that…take the lessons you learn from adversity..and create that environment.

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