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Libra Tattoo Designs Ideas

Libra Tattoo Designs Ideas

Libra is a cardinal air sign represented by scales that are meant to measure justice. Libra men and women are the fair, friendly peace keepers of the zodiac. They are easy to get along with and never want to do anything that ruins the balance or peace.

Justify your Sense of Self through Libra Tattoos

The glyph of Libra is a significant symbol reflected in two horizontal stripes, wherein the top line has a semicircle in the center that resembles an arc. What’s inspirational about the Libra’s glyph is its representation of the sunset, which shoves the nighttime to welcome the morning as a new beginning. The arc on the other hand, stands for the capability of a Libra to provide a sense of balance in resolving a problem based on relevant reasons.

If you live a life that employs fairness and even handedness, you might want to consider a Libra tattoo that takes pride utilizing the scales of justice imagery. The fascinating component of this libra tattoo design can be incorporated in a body art, which can reveal your incessant fair dealing to other people or your search for justice when some issues of your past is not yet resolved, that can be illustrated through balanced or unbalanced scales.

You can also draw on the constellation of libra tattoo by incorporating Gamma Librae, Beta Librae, Sigma Librae and Alpha Librae, identified as the four stars engaged with libra tattoo.

Achieve a Libra tattoo:

If you want to achieve a Libra tattoo that is meaningful and evocative, you need to focus on the attributes of Libra specifically related to you. You can look for libra tattoo forums in the internet that feature libra tattoo enthusiasts all over the world, which offer applicable tattoo ideas and images that can be associated in your body art of libra tattoo. Moreover, you can legally download some libra tattoo designs from websites that present its members with lists of ink choices as probable ideas for their zodiac tattoos.

Take your time while enjoying the variety of Libra tattoo ideas and images that you can stumble upon almost everywhere. Though, the libra tattoo designs runoff both in online and offline resources, your intelligent decision-making will grant you the best design that can symbolize your thoughts in the boldest way possible. Because you’re one of a kind:

Design your libra tattoo uniquely by using few design inspirations and a lot of your imagination.

More Libra Tattoo Designs

The peace sign is a great tattoo for a Libra since peace is something they always aspire to have in their lives. Or simply tatting the word peace in cursive writing or even in another language to show their strongest belief and attribute.

The word “balance” symbolizes what the Libra scales are meant to achieve. This is another word tattoo that work tremendously well on a Libra. Because Libra’s bring the balance and peace to the zodiac and in turn to their family and friends many see them as a guardian angel type of figure.

Angel wings tattooed on the back, show that they are always there for everyone and want to make life more peaceful for us all.

Since Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, love and beauty are the two of the strongest things they’re drawn to throughout their lives. A romantic tattoo such as a love quote, decorated with doves, or red roses is both beautiful and romantic.

Libras often find themselves in love, and are the traditional type who want to settle down and marry their sweetheart. A sentimental tattoo that characterizes their relationship such as a line from the first song they danced to at their wedding is something a romantic Libra be inclined to get. Or perhaps the date they first laid eyes on the “one” written on their ring finger, the finger that represents love and commitment.

The Libra scales themselves would make an excellent tattoo, especially if a creative twist is added to make it stand out more and look more elegant. Getting the Libra scales tattooed with each side of the scale as a heart combines both their inclination towards fairness and their loving side. Other than hearts, flowers such as big daisies would work just as well.

The color blue is generally associated with this sign so consider adding it to the tattoo.

Libras are known for being indecisive, so it may take them a while to decide which tattoo to get. And when they do they wont want it to be something too big or showy, and definitely not something that could upset anyone in their family.

The words “Peace, Love, Happiness” portray the simple philosophy those born under this sign ascribe to. They can be written across the lower back or they this message can be symbolized with a peace sign, a heart and a smiley face. The three shapes can be tatted side by side as a cute tattoo for the friendly Libra.

The perfect tattoo for a Libra will be as peaceful and loving as they are.

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