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Libra Tiger Personality

The Tiger Libra is slavishly devoted to the ideal love — so much so, in fact, that you have a hard time coping with all of the real love out there, stemming as it does from real people who can often get on your nerves when they won’t adhere to your entirely arbitrary sense of aesthetic order.

Having the milk of the Tiger to sustain you, however, you are more prone than the average Libra to attempting to force others to fit your patterns, with the result that you are invited to slightly fewer parties than the average Libra.

But don’t despair — your radiant personal magnetism will attract plenty of willing converts for you to toy with and throw away. Part of you will always remain the eternal child, which accounts for the preservation of your youthful good looks long past the point where your excessive vices should have had you looking like the picture of Dorian Grey in its last stages.

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