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The Libra Woman

The Libra woman represents a very interesting side of womanliness that, however, has nothing lunar or motherly about it: she instead does her best to create the possibility of relationships (beginning of Eros) that feeds the beginning of “pleasure”.

In our culture, pleasure would seem to be very much sought after, in fact, all the things that Venus – Aphrodite symbolises and embodies are not so well expressed in our society, where it seems desire and compulsion has been substituted with the relationship based on dependence and the value of image.

The qualities which Venus possesses have much to do with art and, therefore, they can only seem easy to obtain to a hurried eye: pleasure in fact is something that is searched and developed exactly like the desire that feeds on expectation, on the dream, on imagination and on an ideal: one is something that needs absence and research and so, the things that might seem more natural in the human being, are difficult because they ask for application and dedication.

This is therefore the reason the Libra woman, who embodies the strongest female values, is nevertheless very far from the fragile and tender woman who contains and protects and that looks for a relationship she can plunge into and loose herself in; the Libra woman wants an equal relationship, is perfectly conscious of her right and she does not abandon this for any man in the world; she has the best relationship with her body and her sexuality and wants fulfilment and pleasure and, therefore, wants to choose day after day to be with a person as long as this possibility is available.

Our heroine is a woman who chooses her man, who knows what she wants, wants to express her individuality and expects that others do their bit in the relationship. In a certain sense she is a binding woman: she is intelligent, often cultured and never subjected to male psychology.

Today, unfortunately, everything must be done quickly and this woman is too uneasy in a world that cannot and does not want to be committed, that cannot want anything anymore, nevertheless desiring everything and has lost the ability of relating as she thinks she should make everything happen alone. Perhaps, since in this period the Libra woman feels a kind of alienation with the values that liven up her nature and perhaps also because she is anxious, put under stress and disturbed because she searches for something that she “knows” is in fact not to be found.

Undoubtedly his concept of “Love”, relationship and pleasure is almost idealised and, therefore, she is immersed in the difficult situation of “knowing what she is looking for and wants” but of also feeling extreme difficulty in satisfaction; in fact, those who in the present day are considered true female liberation women are based too much on sexuality and our Venusian being cannot limit herself to this: she needs to live her seduction and her eroticism together with sentiments: she cannot only satisfy the instinctive part of her nature.

The psychology of a Libra woman is refined and complex exactly as female sexuality that needs a series of contours that go far beyond bestial passion.

For her, love and sexuality are peculiar: exactly as in the myth where Aphrodite was a lady of Hetarie, the only women in Greece who had access to culture, very refined in life, in their search for beauty and perfection and in their erotic loving abilities.

The Libra woman is considered cold and detached: undoubtedly she is a rational and objective person, with an ability to make judgments that make her seem “little involved” and aseptic.

What the Libra woman shows is a difficulty to be inside a world that wants her BEAUTIFUL only on the outside and that appreciates her only physically, that does not taking into account her psyche with her values and sentiments and, therefore she seems aseptic, because she does not manage to express with ease her inner emotions in a context where ethics is in the large , her sense of beautiful ephemeral being never turns to substance and where, possession, need and emotional dependence are smuggled for love.

Of course, without doubt our protagonist strongly expresses the beauty inside the most classic of aesthetics, it is true, however, that only when she cannot be expressed through her internal values she becomes “formal”, in the sense that she leans against the external form since it lacks inwardness.

The Libra woman is true and is sociable, she needs relationships at all levels, personal, interpersonal and social: her defect is she is an idealist and in being so she loses her emotional side and loses sight of life and of the things that she must cultivate as she is the only one capable of appreciating what passes her by.

The darkness of the Libra woman spurts out when she misses a real relationship with herself and her values, or when her identity is precarious and she must therefore act against external, cultural and social values that give her sense of becoming a perfect image and is like a Chinese shade that reflects something rather than “to be that something”. In this case, rather than being appreciated she wants to be appreciated, rather than being loved she wants to be loved and rather than being accepted she needs the acceptance of others to feel herself.

This has nothing to do with her ability of “recognising others and their needs”, but she is a pure expression of Narcissism not still sure of entering into a relationship with someone else.

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