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That we face many choices in this life, is inevitable. There are choices that face us every waking moment, from the type of cereal we eat to the profession we follow or person we marry. How many times has the most simple step to the right or left – for example catching a later bus – resulted in a major life change that could not have been foreseen? The later bus carried your future spouse, who gave you a seat and started a conversation. Such simple actions with such immense consequences.

Life Choises

It is not always so simple or straightforward. Millions of words have been written on the subjects of fate and destiny – free will or predetermined path. I am certainly not going to try and present any definitive answer, except to say that what we believe is truly a matter of freewill. The one thing a man will defend to his dying breath is the right to his point of view.

A natal astrology chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the moment of birth, and provides a blueprint of planetary energies in a combination that is unique to each person. The interpretation of that is a vast subject that is both precise scientific measurement and the art of intuition and awareness. Astrology is a powerful tool to define not only the challenges a person is likely to face, but also the strengths and weaknesses that may affect the outcome.

I believe it is the level of awareness of a person that determines how they cope with life challenges. The more aware, the more choice….so our aim should be to learn from whatever happens, no matter how hard that seems.

There are certain planetary cycles that affect everyone at approximately the same age, as well as cycles determined by the individual date and time of birth. For example, with Saturn this happens every seven years, and a whole generation will be affected at the same time. The first Saturn Return at approx. age 29 is renowned for major life changes, yet some people sail on with hardly a ripple in their lives. Why? It doesn’t mean the challenge doesn’t exist for them, simply that they may have already made choices that are positive for their particular life, and be using Saturn’s energy well.

One example of this is the “7 year itch” in marriages. Saturn is checking in on the relationship to rattle the cage, see if they are stable. Again around 14 years, and 20-21 and 29-30 years. Many marriages run into problems at these times, and this is a symptom, not a cause. The partners in the relationship, depending on their own natal charts and energies, have not continued to create their relationship, so it can fail if changes are not made. This is always a choice.

I was married for 21 years, so I speak from experience. At the 14 year point I faced the choice of staying with or leaving my marriage; at the 21 year point I faced the decision to stay or go again, and went. There were other astrological factors involved, yet when that Saturn cycle (for the marriage) came around again, the basic personal issues involved once again reared their head and allowed a new path to be taken.

What astrology does is help to define the challenges of life and then it is up to the person to decide how to proceed. Life events may often feel like there is no choice involved. Drama and crisis events can come suddenly and leave one gasping for breath.

For example you are fired from a job and have absolutely no prospects in sight. It seems that this has come out of the blue and left you in a desperate situation. The choice is how you are going to cope with it – sink or swim. One could sink into a depression and hide, or start to create other possibilities in life, such as a small business, or networking for employment prospects and so on.

These types of decisions and challenges are ones we all face on a very regular basis. Although astrological prediction and interpretation can indicate the possibility well in advance, how you cope is the really important thing.

Attitude is a choice.

The more awareness, knowledge and validation of self that exists, the easier life can flow. It is my personal belief that we are spiritual beings, here in this physical incarnation to experience and learn. The ‘whys’ of that have occupied philosophers for centuries and will continue to do so. What is important is the concept that every person on this planet is part of the whole, and instrumental in the fate of mankind, no matter how apparentlyinconsequential a life choice may seem.

Strive for the positive in every choice, and we all benefit.

by Sue Thompson

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