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Much of life is experienced within the context of cycles. Since the dawn of history, astronomical cycles have been a primary benchmark against which human beings measure the process of change and evolution; the most primordial being the daily and monthly cycles of the Sun and the Moon; days, months, and years. Astrologically, the most fundamental of these cycles is the seasonal cycle, marked by the orbit of the earth in relation to the Sun, the pivot upon which the tropical zodiac of Western Astrology is based.

Forecasting Life Turning Points

Your life moves and changes with an underlying pattern that is universal and fundamental to all human growth and change. This pattern is remarkable in it’s simplicity and yet it is highly accurate in forecasting periods of significant change, crises, and opportunity in all our lives; regardless of culture, genetics, or environment.

An understanding of this pattern gives you a perspective on your life as it unfolds and can clearly assist you to pre-anticipate those periods of time when you will be challenged to grow and to take hold of the opportunities that will present themselves. I invite you to discover this pattern and its remarkable accuracy and usefulness.

Try this simple test

This pattern of growth can be tested in your own life very simply with the following exercise: Recall the first year of each seven year cycle, the year following your birthday at 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, etc. Just prior to and the first year following this birthday corresponds to a significant reorientation in your life. Significant endings, losses, challenge, and new beginnings in life and relationships often accompany this period of time. These changes generally initiate a significant reorientation in the direction or circumstances of your life, often culminating in the latter half of the year. Recall these periods as accurately as possible.

yourlifeIf you see the pattern in your life then you have sufficient validation to explore further. As illustrated in the exercise above, each 7 years a new lifecycle begins for us all. During these 7 year cycles, there are many other significant Turning Points in our lives in which personal life issues come to a head. This pattern of Turning Points can be calculated and graphed for each person, providing a very accurate way to forecast major life transitions for anyone.

How do you use Turning Point Forecasts

With Turning Point information, you can pre-anticipate crisis and opportunity points in your life. Crisis and opportunity generally accompany each other in life. Opportunity often arises out of crisis, and Turning Points are those periods in life when you will often face both a crisis and an opportunity. They are unavoidable in life, but to be able to pre-anticipate them gives you both perspective and a freedom to understand your life in a new way.

How each Turning Point manifests in life is generally the same. There is a BUILDUP OF CRISIS in which the issues and decisions you must face begin to manifest. There is a CULMINATION POINT in which the issues or decisions you are facing come to a head. And lastly, there is the RELEASE PHASE in which the issues are resolved and doors of opportunity may open for your life.

Not every Turning Point is a major crisis and opportunity, although these do occur throughout a 7 year cycle and can be forecast. Many Turning Points offer less significant challenges and can be used in very practical ways to better plan for events. When planning is important, events that occur after the Culmination Point of a Turning Point very often have a more benign outcome, whether it is a vacation or important meeting. Putting off very important decisions or discussions until at or following the CULMINATION POINT of a Turning Point can lead to a more realistically based perspective on what the issues truly are that need to be dealt with.

So whether you wish to understand the greater pattern of your life, or just wish to better plan for events of importance, being able to forecast Turning Points is extremely valuable. The Turning Points WILL CORRELATE with decision points or crisis points in your life. The question is whether or not this is useful information for you.

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