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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (3)

Dodi’s Chart

Dodi al-Fayed‘s birthdate is unknown, owing to popular Islamic custom of choosing the 15th of the birth month as the birthdate. The best data I have at this time is April “15”, 1955, in Alexandria Egypt, and I’m not entirely certain of the year or the location, as there were a couple of years and birthplaces rumored – not much to go on.

Henri Paul’s Chart

Henri Paul was born July 3, 1956 in Lorient France. Lacking a birthtime, I did a solar chart for Henri Paul, who is a Cancerian like Diana. Paul has Mars in Pisces, showing a passion for the fine arts, literature, poetry, storytelling, romance, altered states of consciousness, as well as the pursuit of addictive behaviors to soothe confused feelings. He has a very tight* square aspect between Saturn at 26 Scorpio in his solar 5th house, and Pluto at 26 Leo. It was known that Henri Paul had been depressed after the breakup of a relationship some months before. Transiting Saturn, ruler of the solar 7th house, squared natal Juno Rx in his solar 7th, and had squared natal Sun recently. Also transiting Pluto had been conjunct his natal North Node [challenge] in his solar 5th [love affairs]. Henri Paul was taking this breakup very hard, and had been doing some regular heavy drinking in recent months. Despite his prestigious job at the Ritz, and the personal win of getting his pilot’s license that week, Henri Paul was on a serious downer in life. His chronic emotional vibration was very low, mostly hovering around grief. How does this square relate to Diana’s chart?

Diana’s Moon [security] was at 25 Aquarius, opposed by Paul’s Pluto and squared by his Saturn. Moon-Pluto oppositions in chart comparison or by general transit are very intense and often fateful – seldom resulting in death, but may involve themes of betrayal, power plays, ego loss, attachment vs. release, humiliation, anger, other highly-charged emotions, and relationship blow-ups. The addition of a Saturn square could be tragic.

On the night of the incident, the eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo was conjoined Henri Paul’s progressed Jupiter and Mercury on the cusp of his 3rd house [local traffic], suggesting possibly fatefully bad judgment and/or faulty perception. These planets were in a wide approaching opposition to Paul’s natal Mars in Pisces, suggesting the incident may have been provoked [Mars] or caused by one or more other persons or vehicles [opposition], and was not entirely Paul’s doing.

My sense about Henri Paul is that we may never know how much alcohol he drank on the night of his death, but that his life had been on an emotional downward spiral for several months prior to the incident. He had been “acting out” his grief and depression [depression = pushing down or suppressing life energy] with heavy drinking that could have already progressed to frank alcoholism. He was moving in a self-destructive direction with the grief and alcohol use, and the other side of that coin is that he would likely be destructive in some way to others who got close to him, ifonly by running such a low vibration that all parties involved would tend to attract negative incidents that they would not have attracted otherwise. Diana’s Moon “lit up” fellow Moonchild Henri Paul’s solar 8th [house of death]. It was his connection with Diana, and his perhaps awkward [Saturn square] attempts to protect her well-being, plus the eclipse, that transformed their lives forever [Pluto] on that fateful night. It is even possible that Diana requested a bit of extra speed to send a message to the paparazzi to “get lost,” or that Paul was speeding to the tune of 80-120 MPH in a 30 MPH zone in order to impress Diana and Dodi, a move based in ego. I grant that the above is sheer speculation on my part. However one of the unanswered questions in my mind is, why were they going so fast? The paparazzi were following at a respectable distance, they probably already knew the destination and the location of Dodi’s home, and the whole chauffeur/paparazzi scene was likely an everyday scenario for Diana, year in and year out.

The Eclipse of Sept 1, 1997

There was a solar eclipse on September 1, 1997 at 9 degrees Virgo. Eclipses have long been considered “fateful,” especially if the eclipse falls on a planet or angle of a natal chart. I don’t like to think in terms of “fate,” since I think it implies a lack of responsibility, but I’ve seen enough overwhelming events in people’s lives such as massive strokes and accidents to discount the heavy hand of a solar eclipse.

In a solar eclipse, the Sun is obscured or eclipsed by the Moon. Symbolically, what is represented by the Sun, namely the radiant light of the soul and classical Apollonian attributes, are briefly obscured and unavailable, allowing other influences to enter, and circumstances happen that are normally foreign to one’s nature. What enters does not seem to be the higher manifestation of the Moon, but there is often a dreaming or trance quality that precedes eclipse effects, which could be attributed to the Moon. The energies of an eclipse can be felt beginning as much as 5 days beforehand (allowing for a 5 degree orb), so the morning of August 31 was just 2 degrees before the actual eclipse.

This particular eclipse was also conjunct a retrograde Mercury at 8 Virgo, making this Mercury Rx many times more powerful, and the eclipse more powerful as well. Mechanical objects, computers, communications, cars, and traffic are a few areas commonly associated with Mercury Rx snafus. It’s interesting to note that all 17 video cameras were not working in the tunnel on the night of the incident. An investigation revealed that only 2 of the cameras had ever failed to work in the past. Some people are taking this fact as evidence of conspiracy, but it’s conceivable to me that the bizarre dysfunction was coincident with Mercury Rx conjunct a solar eclipse.

This particular solar eclipse was unusually powerful for Diana personally. It conjoined Diana’s Pluto and Mars in the 9th house, and caught up with her while she wore a black jacket in summer, rode passively in a black luxury automobile in the traffic of a Plutonian tunnel, resulting in violent death in a foreign land.

Karmic Vectors: The Pluto Factor

Consider that PLUTO is the karmic factor, ruling the Diana’s natal 12th house. The 12th house deals with the path and pattern of the soul, spirituality, and liberation, among other things. Diana’s Pluto was in the 9th house, conjunct Mars.

When Diana accepted the marriage proposal from Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, she began her Plutonian journey of the soul. World leaders, politics, and international relations are ruled by Pluto. Charles’ secret sexual exploits were doubly Plutonian. The purging of bulemia in response to emotional upset and abuse were likewise Plutonian. Diana’s healing, self-awareness, and coming out publicly and authentically about the ordeal was Plutonian. Furthermore, Diana shifted the collective belief system [9th] regarding this dis-ease. Diana’s owning of her power and responsibility for the well-being of people in need worldwide with her numerous charitable causes, necessitating international travel, was also Plutonian, and was the beginning of her showing a “big beingness” as spirit. Diana had associated with many heads of state and powerful international leaders, as well as leading lights of the entertainment and fashion fields such as Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Jackson and Gianni Versace – all Plutonian at this level of power and influence.

Then Diana deepened her relationship with Dodi al-Fayed, whom she had known for several years. Dodi’s father Mohamed al-Fayed is a very wealthy man and owns Harrod’s Department Store in London and the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Dodi’s uncle Adnan Khashoggi was a Middle Eastern arms dealer [very Plutonian!]. The entire Middle East seems to me to be a Plutonian area of the world, from its ancient and esoteric wisdom in Egypt, to the macho, power-, enemy- and weapons-oriented, paranoid/conspiratorial mindset often found in that part of the world. Dodi al-Fayed was a bridge into the power politics of the Middle East. Heretofore, Diana’s Pluto contacts involved subtle diplomacy, unofficial ambassador functions, and world charitable causes. Now Diana was speaking out against landmines, a humanitarian cause that was also a very political cause connected with war and international relations – especially the future of war. How ironic, considering Dodi’s uncle, the arms dealer!

In her intimate relationship with the Egyptian Dodi al-Fayed and campaign against landmines, Diana had stepped over a line into danger and an advanced level of difficulty in the life game of Pluto. The new Plutonian entanglements injected indirectly an element of heavy-handedness and chaos. While Dodi gave Diana the love she had sought for so long, and while Diana was a respected world celebrity in her own right, Diana was out of her “fach” in this international Plutonian intrigue. Even the great and stuffy old British monarchy was nothing compared to this. Nothing had prepared Diana to be able to navigate safely in these Plutonian waters. The contact with this advanced Plutonian universe via the hook of personal love eventually drained her life blood.

As long as we’re talking about Pluto, we may as well ask the question, was the accident a conspiracy? Some Middle Eastern leaders seem to think so, but they are in the habit seeing altogether too much as a conspiracy. Some others suggested that a marriage between Dodi and Diana, and an Egyptian half-sibling for William and Harry, would be unacceptable, presumably because such would fly in the face of many people’s fixed ideas about the monarchy and international relations, to say nothing of Christian-Islamic religious differences. Many said that it would have been easy to engineer an assassination and have it look like an accident. All of the above are Pluto themes and I wouldn’t rule out a conspiracy. However my intuitive sense is that the incident was not a conspiracy, but rather the product of too much speed, hidden alcoholism, a driver operating from an emotional vibration of grief and loss.

Another reason I don’t think the incident was conspiracy is that there was no way to predict with certainty what would happen with the individuals in the car if there was, say, a deliberate sideswipe, bump or line-crossing by the Fiat Uno. It was unclear whether some riders would be killed, injured to whatever degree, or whether some might come though unscathed. I would think that there might be better ways to pull off an assassination attempt, given the sophisticated technology available today, even if it had to be disguised as something else.

When Diana announced her retirement from public life, saying that she would be scaling down her charity work, she turned a page in the book of life that began the last short chapter. While shy Diana loved her privacy, she was not born in this life to be a private figure. Her worldly personality had one idea, but her soul had another, and her intuition told her early on that she was not like other people. In her ordinary worldly mind, she had often thought she was not up to the task, but her soul knew otherwise and would prevail. Diana was here to love, to inspire ideals, to transform belief systems, and to serve humanity at large.

Pluto themes include:

Extremes, intensity, privacy, what is withheld, hidden or behind-the-scenes, silence, energetic or spiritual presence, power, influence, force, coercion, violence, power plays, intimidation, mafia, international relations, politics, leaders, intrigue, conspiracy, black, death, arms dealing, depth, underground, tunnels, landmines, abuse, the absence of speaking, terror, terrorism, rage, stalking, investigations, espionage, criminality, domination, stuffed emotions, purging, bulemia, sexuality, authenticity, coming out, personal empowerment, the energetic bottom line, shamanism, metaphysics and the mysteries of life, initiation, world transformation.


I am new to Uranians, the hypothetical transNeptunian planets that have purportedly proven themselves out in correlations between charts, life experience, and events. Sounds really “out there,” but I asked myself, “where was Hades?” Hades is the hellish Uranian planet that has to do with physical disintegration, the seamy side of life, neglect, disfigurement, danger, evil, sorrow, breakdown, loss – similar to the downside of Pluto spiced with the downside of Neptune.

I found two amazing factors:
1) In relocation astrology, the local space line for Diana’s natal Hades at 10 degrees Taurus was conjunct Paris within a 20-mile orb;
2) In the chart of the crash itself, Hades was exactly rising [conjunct the Ascendant] at 17 Gemini, thus strongly dominating the action at that moment.

 by Carol Willis, 1998.

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