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The Life & Death of Princess Diana (4)

More DreamSpeak

We could consider the incident in Paris involving Dodi and Diana, and the week following, to be an aspect of the collective consciousness, since nearly all of humanity were aware of it and stood witness. If we were to analyze the event as if it were a collective dream, we would all individually be well-advised to “own” every aspect of the dream, to “own” all the characters and what they represent. The event is not just something that happened to other people – it was a global event affecting all of humanity.

Therefore, we can own:

  • – grief over loss of relationship, depression, substance abuse, errors in judgment and/or perception [Henri Paul];
  • – our own potential for wealth, luxury, advantage, freedom, influence, powerful connections [the al-Fayed family];
  • – the inability to protect our loved ones and charges from their karma, and the ability to make a comeback from serious injury [Trevor Rees-Jones];
  • – beauty, grace, compassion, love, hope, comfort, grappling with authentic feelings, openness, the ability to be a positive influence in the world, etc. [Diana];
  • – pursuit of quarry and creation of photograhic images the public wants to see, driven by market forces, and ethically borderline [the paparazzi];
  • – publication of photographic images the public wants to see, driven by market forces, and ethically borderline [tabloid owners and editors];
  • – witness to the forces of history in many dimensions, telepathic awareness and remote viewing enhanced (facilitated by television), spiritual quickening, opening of the heart, values clarification, humanity coming together as one.
Spiritualist Observations

It did not take Diana long to recover her spiritual awareness after death, just a few days, and I do feel that she received some special assistance from angels and masters.

Within a couple of hours of Diana’s passing, I spotted Diana and Dodi together on the “inner planes.” Dodi had died instantly and had not known what hit him. He seemed disoriented and confused and had asked Diana, “Where are we?” She said, “We’re in hospital,” since she did have awareness of having been in the hospital, but she did not know that she and Dodi had died. They were temporarily together in a dimension that was still close to earth. Dodi acknowledged her answer, then seemed to drift into a state of “sleep.” When Dodi’s body left Paris, it seemed that the two of them were also separated in spirit, and their focus of attention was now elsewhere than on each other. Diana went into a rest period where she was attended by angels, very typical for the first few days following death.

Then to my vision on September 4, around 5 pm PDT, Diana displayed a “big beingness” or large spiritual radiance above the earth, which was likely visible to many people around the world. It was as though she stood in the doorway between the dimensions of heaven and earth, and instead of going through the doorway into the heavenly domain and letting the semi-transparent “veil” that divides the two worlds drop down behind her, she faced the earthly world and held the veil to one side. From behind her there was a flood of golden light. I think it was on the 5th of September that Mother Teresa passed over as well, and I do believe that her passing was facilitated by this unusual opening and flood of spiritual light. Diana’s spiritual presence was a very high manifestation of Pluto.

Furthermore, I had heard from more than one source during August ’97 that there had been an “evil force” unleashed on the earth, again symbolized by the dark side of Pluto. From my observations, this was true. There was a new energy around and about. I had witnessed several psychotic and what might be termed “evil” behaviors among people I knew personally, and for the first time in my 30 years of studying metaphysics in this lifetime, I was prompted to begin studing the nature of cosmic evil. I knew of the existence of cosmic evil in the spring of 1974, but was informed that it was nothing I needed to be concerned with at that time, just to carry on with the Work in my own way, and my own “holy innocence” and angelic assistance would protect me. But there had been a shift in the wind, and something “evil” had been unleashed on the planet, a Plutonian inner-plane political intrigue with massive consequences for humanity, especially regarding orientation of the will of humanity at this time in history.

My information is that Diana was a sacrificial lamb in the above world – and cosmic – scenario. Diana’s spiritual presence and beingness, freed from the bounds and limitations of her earthly body; the public’s outpouring of grief; the public’s attention riveted on the circumstances (showing how important this event was on a world and even cosmic scale); and how the hearts of people everywhere were touched and opened by the memory and presence of Diana (who was also bringing through the Christ Consciousness as she stood in that doorway), allowed the forces of light to prevail once again and, to a great extent, but not entirely, removed the influence of the errant force marauding on the planet. It took a “princess of hearts” who could wield “her own particular brand of magic” and then some, to accomplish this great task.

Princes William and Harry

By comparing the natal charts of Diana and her sons William and Harry, we can see that both sons were extremely close to Diana, and make great friends for each other. William’s chart is very similar to his mother’s, with the Sun in Cancer in the 7th house, and Sagittarius rising [June 21, 1982, 9:03 pm GMD, London, England 00W10, 51N30]. Prince William will share the same private/public conflicts, concern for the welfare of humanity, leggy athleticism and frankness as his beautiful mother Diana, Princess of Wales.


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by Carol Willis, 1998.

CAROL WILLIS, M.A., has been a professional astrological consultant in Silicon Valley since 1970, and delivers consultations in-studio, by phone, and internationally by mail, all taped. Specialties include career transitions, relationship dynamics, relocation astrology and business development. Carol has a background in philosophy, advanced metaphysics, alternative therapies, pastoral counseling, executive coaching, and management consulting in applied values and ethics.

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