List of Well-known Astrologers

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List of Well-known Astrologers

If you were introduced to astrology just recently, you may be aware of the names and reputations of the following astrologers but not know exactly when they were around.

This list should give you a better idea of what time period that fall into.

This document can also be helpful in determining when some of the astrological texts must have originally been written.

16th, 17th & 18th Century

Michel Nostradamus 1503-1566
Richard Forster 1546-1616
Simon Forman 1552-1611
Johannes Kepler 1571-1630
Jacob Boeheme 1575-1624
William Lilly 1602-1681
John Booker 1602-1667
Nicholas Culpepper 1616-1654
George Wharton 1617-1681
Elias Ashmole 1617-1692
John Gadbury 1627-1704
John Heydon 1629-1667
Raphael 1795-1832

19th, 20th & 21st Century

Charubel 1826-1906
Alan Leo 1860-1917
Sepharial 1864-1919
Max Heindel 1865-1919
Cheiro 1866-1939
Paul Choisnard 1867-1930
Evangeline Adams 1868-1932
Llewellyn George 1876-1954
Alfred Witte 1878-1941
Alice Bailey 1880-1949
C.C.Zain 1882-1951
C.E.O. Carter 1887-1968
Marc Edmund Jones 1888-1980
Margaret Hone 1892-1969
Thomas Ring 1892-1983
Dane Rudhyar 1895-1985
Cyril Fagan 1896-1970
Karl-Ernst Kraft 1900-1945
Reinhold Ebertin 1901-1988
Carl Payne Tobey 1902-1980
Grant Lewi 1902-1951
Louis de Wohl 1903-1961
Alexander Volguine 1903-1976
Charles A. Jayne 1911-1985
Michael Erlewine 1941-
Robert Hand 1942-


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