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Some Comments on the Littleton, Colorado Student Massacre

It is always easier evaluating such tragic events as the Littleton, Colorado student massacre after they occur. But it isn’t a surprise in light of all the news around the killing of our youth. Being a mother of high school age children, and finding myself standing outside of my children’s schools two days after this event because of a bomb scare in the high school, angers me. To the point of asking why our nation has pushed the priority for our youth to an all-time low at the end of the twentieth century.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold caught on the high school's security cameras in the cafeteria shortly before committing suicide.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold caught on the high school’s security cameras in the cafeteria shortly before committing suicide.

The signs were, however, there. Perhaps we should start with the fact that Pluto, the planet of death and transformation and rebirth, entered the sign of Sagittarius just 3 short years ago, and since that time the constant news of students being fired upon, and the drive-by shootings of young people have immersed our headlines. Sagittarius represents education, the educational system, and belief systems whether destructive or non-destructive. Pluto held a tight square to the Total Eclipse at 8 degrees of Pisces in March 1998, and again on March 1, 1999, squared off the Full Moon of Pisces and Virgo. On the day of the shooting Venus was at 9 Gemini 33 opposing Pluto at 10 Sagittarius 07 which is conjuncting the Fixed Star of Antares at 9 Sagittarius 32. Antares is success that can be obsessive because of lack of balance.

This year, as opposed to last year, we also have Chiron in early degrees of Sagittarius beginning to hit this mix. This mix may suggest that, finally, after the severe wounding and sadness of these children and their parents, perhaps some healing will emerge in all parts of our nation as Chiron and Pluto form a conjunction at 12 Sagittarius on New Years Eve of 1999.

This Chiron/Pluto conjunction, the first since their last conjunction in Leo from 1940 to 1941, suggests a wake-up call for the educational and international community. Whether it is providing adequate funds for the much needed, and obviously lacking, school counselors and special services, or whether it means the transformation of education to match the contemporary student, we hopefully will see these solutions with Chiron/Pluto in Sagittarius.

Unfortunately, any revolution begins with extreme circumstances, and this was indeed the case on Tuesday, April 20, 1999 at 11:30 AM when two students opened obsessive fire on their peers, killing 15 and injuring many more. That particular week, transiting Mars at a retrograde position of 5 Scorpio 34 was opposing Saturn at 5 Taurus 54, and coming into an exact square to Neptune 4 Aquarius 18.

When Mars began its retrograde position on March 18, we started bombing Kosovo (misplaced action). Mars was squaring Uranus at that time, and these were in the exact degrees of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 1999, as well as the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of August 7, 1999, when the two embassies in Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania were bombed.

Anytime Mars stations or hangs around eclipse points, by square, conjunction, or opposition, we have trouble. With Uranus it can be extreme or unexpected circumstances. With Pluto and Neptune thrown into the mix, there are no boundaries.

It turns outs that where Mars, Neptune, and Saturn were on the day of the massacre, is the same position of the Lunar Eclipse coming up on July 28, 1999 at 4 Aquarius 58. This should, I would hope, begin to bring some sort of resolution to this increasing problem in schools. I would hope, too, that since Mars will be direct at that point and beginning to reach its Shadow Point (see article at, on August 3, 1999, that there will also be some sort of resolution in Kosovo. Unfortunately, this kind of carnage is sometimes the impetus for change. The sad thing is that here in this country, we lost many children, and in Kosovo, according to the New York Times, half of the refugees are lost teenagers and children looking for their families. How unfortunate that our youth bears the brunt of this damage. Where are we as their protectors and what can we do to change?

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Georgia Stathis has been a full-time professional astrologer and lecturer since 1977. She works with individuals and companies as well as lectures across country to professionals and non-professionals about the myths, the signs, and the cycles of the zodiac, and how our current lives and life choices reflect these cycles.

Specializing in Business Astrology, she is one of the co-authors of the book Financial Astrology for the 1990=92s as well as the author and publisher of the annual Starcycles Astrological Planning Books, which is a planning book for those who don’t understand astrology, but want to know how and when to plan. A regular contributing author to Mountain Astrologer.

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