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Local Space Astrology: An Introduction

The last article explained Astro*Carto*Graphy, a method of Locational Astrology Trade Marked by the deceased Jim Lewis. ACG will mark lines on a map of the earth where the Sun, Moon, and eight planets would be conjunct the four cardinal points on your natal chart (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Imum Coeli). As stated in the previous article, when one is conjunct one point it is naturally opposite the other point. The other major aspects, square, trine, and sextile are not mentioned in ACG. These aspects can be discovered when you have a relocation chart made for any new location. An astrologer will use your birth data, but changes the coordinates (longitude and latitude) to those of the new city or town. If your move is by choice it is very wise to have a chart for the new location thrown. It can often save you great expenditure of money and energy. If the move is dictated by your Company it is also very wise to have a chart thrown for the new location. Matters concerning career and health are very visible in this chart to an experienced astrologer.

What is Local Space technique?

This article will explain “Local Space” or LS, a recent concept as far as astrology is concerned. The definitive book concerning Local Space is “Planets in Locality” by Steve Cozzi first published in 1988. Considering that there are written records about Astrology for approximately 6,000 years, this branch of locality astrology is a new kid on the block.

Local Space has an affinity with the Compass School of Feng Shui. The positions of the various planets in our Solar System at the moment in time you hit planet Earth are mapped on your natal chart. For example, if you were born around noon your Sun would be in your 10th house. Your Sun would be in the Direction of the South. Remember that our Sun in the engine of our Solar System, and all the other planets and our Moon are just supporting actors. It is usually very beneficial for you to travel to work on the “line” of your Sun. Now if your Sun is conjunct Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto the previous statement would need some qualifying.

The Ascendant is to the East in your natal chart. If you have any planet conjunct your Ascendant you would be traveling on its “line” whenever you traveled to the East from anyplace you are. A planet conjunct the Descendant, in the 7th house, opposite the Ascendant, would be activated whenever you traveled to the West. Planets in your fourth house or conjunct the IC would be activated when you travelled in a Northern direction.

The map of your “Local Space” is like a spider web that originated from the point on Earth where you were born. The lines that extend out are curved because we live on a sphere. They circle the globe and return to the same spot where you were born. The map also includes your Moon Node but you must remember that the North Node is considered the direction to follow in this life, and not the South Node. Only one direction is the North Node, the opposite direction is naturally the South Node.

You must also remember that if your Sun, Jupiter, and Venus (lines usually very desirable to live on or travel on) are all in your 10th house, when you travel to the North, you are traveling away from these lines. This is not clearly marked on the Local Space Maps supplied by the various computer software programs at present. Traveling in the direction of a planet and traveling in the opposite direction will result in very different energies. It is desirable to travel on the line of your positive planets when you travel to your job. It is the responsibility of an experienced astrologer to inform their client concerning this factor in Local Space.

Another suggested ways to use “Local Space” is to have your LC chart reproduced on a transparency and then you can place it with the center point on the Capital of the State or Country you live in. That would tell you which areas of the a State or Country would be fortunate to you and which areas may be unfortunate to your hopes and dreams. This can also be done with your city or town. Place the center point on City Hall, and again you would be able to note areas of town that may be more beneficial for you to live.

You can even place the map of your Local Space in the center of your home or apartment. This exercise would tell you about various energies in your home. It is important to first find magnetic North with a reliable compass. Then place your Solar Space chart with North matching North. North will be in the lower part of your natal chart, your natal fourth house.

Astro Carto Graphy or Local Space?

If your budget is limited and you have to chose between Astro Carto Graphy or Local Space I would suggest you go with Astro Carto Graphy. Astro Carto Graphy is about 25 years older!

It is nice to have both because sometimes they will reinforce each other on very desirable or very undesirable areas to live or visit.

People are looking for different things at different times of their lives. I believe that everyone has an internal guide which should be the first and last one you consult! Astrology is just one of many ways to gain insight into your self. I believe it is the quickest and the most reliable method when the astrologer is experienced and professional. There was a male astrologer in the Phoenix, Arizona that saw his clients every week! This is sad and unprofessional because the clients will never grow into independent people. Others in the various helping professions abuse clients in similar ways.

The natal chart is a revealing map of character, talents, and positive and negative habits that will affect the life of the client. They reveal the main roads but not the byways and side streets. That is the clients department. Professional Astrologers do not tell a client what to do. They can inform the client the most likely outcomes of certain actions. The choice is the clients.

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