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Lucky Gemstone For Cancer

Stones of Natural origin are called Gems. The Gems are produced from Minerals cut in a chosen shape. The Natural Gems have all the properties of its Mineral.

Many disciplines like yoga believe that Natural Gems emit energetic and therapeutic vibrations that act on the people that wear them.

Modern medicine discovered that each specific gem has a therapeutic virtue.

Cancer lucky Gemstone is Amazonite

Amazonite brings Beauty

The ancients associated this gem with the Amazonians, the warrior women, of great beauty. For centuries the gem has been associated with the magic virtue to make a person attractive. Modern theory says that because the gem has a high quantity of potassium, it gives energy and elasticity to muscular tissue and is useful for people who do sport.

Therapeutic virtues:

  • the high quantity of potassium gives energy and elasticity to muscular tissue
  • useful for sportsmen/women
  • good for adolescents

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