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How to make an Aquarius Man Fall in Love

How to Make an Aquarius Man Fall in Love

The Aquarius man is the ultimate lover of freedom and has an abundant mind. In essence, these guys are intellectually stimulated in life and when it comes to dealing with the point of views of love, the Aquarius men are able to use that same mentality.

What Does An Aquarius Man Look For In A Woman?

If you are a female looking to gain the affection of the Aquarius guy, you need to be a life seeker, someone who travels each day and lives out a journey, even if it means going to work on a different route. Their minds appreciate life, so any corner they turn can essentially provide them with the satisfaction of a life lived well. Therefore, the female counterpart should not only appreciate this fact in an Aquarius man, but additionally strive to join him in all of his endeavors.

To gain the hearts of an Aquarius man for the future, be futuristic. In essence, they will appreciate a lady who is intelligent, thoughtful, and respectful. She should be wise, quit witted, funny, and adventurous. She should ultimately provide her fellow Aquarius man with guidance and support. They should each posses a magnetic personality and one that additionally consists of tough character and loyal attitude.

The female in the running for the Aquarius man’s heart should love him no matter his futuristic tendencies. Together, they will then be able to take on grand adventure as lovers, and more importantly, as best friends!

How to Win the Heart of an Aquarius Man

When it comes to the serious stuff, however, like love and possibly marriage, these Aquarius fellows are apt to be hesitant in this instant. This is because these free loving guys are used to life being unrestricted, and unpredictable. They are well aware of the commitments that marriage entails. Therefore, to get the Aquarius man to fall in love with you, you will need to keep them on a longer leash and be aware of the desire to break free every now and then.

When it comes to actually gaining the affection and ultimate true love of an Aquarius male, the potential lady in waiting would need to reassure her man that she is first and foremost his best friend. Friends are an essential category for the Aquarius man. They are able to form close and deep bonds with their soul mate and this thus strengthens their relationships for the future.

So, be willing to accept this form of faith and devotion from your Aquarius man. These guys are filled with love and will be glad to give that part of their lives to you once they have culminated that close and spiritual bond with you on a serious level.

Since the Aquarius dude is a is a natural futurist, this means that he worries about the future. The Aquarius man truly lives his life in terms of the future. He may get too involved in that and stop living in reality. If you would like the Aquarius man to be more present, be able to talk him through his obstacles, in letting him know that you will passionately be by his side in an effort to make him think correctly. Since his mind is refined anyhow, he can ultimately be able to catch up once told of his shortcomings.

To make the fellow Aquarius man melt in his heart for you, make sure you acknowledge the fact that you are a planner and organizer for future. This does not have to be extreme, but short term goals should be accurately presented to them. Aquarius will love you for that, as it will give them a chance to join you in this glory of preparing and processing.

Anything that essentially has to do with the mind will ultimately excite the fellow Aquarius man to a point. In addition, if you are too emotional, the Aquarius man can become completely confused. These men really do not have the full capability to express themselves too intimately in regards to their emotions. On the contrary, they typically have deep and internal feelings that they simply can not fathom to expose.

In one way, he is able to fully protect himself and what he feels inside. In the other way, however, they can never truly attain that deep bond that emotions can expose to one another. It would thus be in the females best interest to slowly show the Aquarius man that communication can be heartfelt and honestly from the soul. There is nothing wrong with that. It can even strengthen their bond in the long run.

What You Need to Know About Dating Aquarius Men

The typical Aquarius man lives his love life through his mind. Therefore, he will most likely compare you to every other girl he has been with. If that is not bad enough, he will also analyze you and your motives until you have a serious discussion with him, letting him know that this is not a healthy concept within a relationship. Also, the Aquarius man will not be able to live life in each moment consistently.

So, take your man on a lifes journey every now and then to excite and calm his mind at the same time. Be his best friend first, so that he can trust you honestly. Be his support system, and honor his mind most of all. Appreciate his desire to think and ponder, but do not let it get out of hand.

You can have the control in the relationship if you are coy and not protruding your incentives to him in the outward. Always be patient and always be punctual. Do not be late even for 5 minutes; it would be too annoying for the Aquarius guys to accept. They are prim and proper as men, so you as females should eventually be that much more prepared.

These men search for a life partner that they can share a fun and rewarding experience with. They are looking for a future with you. If you are thus future oriented and desire to hop on the band wagon for possibility, get inspired by your Aquarius man.

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