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The Mars Cycle

The Cycle Of The Dynamic Planet Mars

The cycle of planet Mars orbits around the Sun takes 687 Earth days, which is equal to 1.88 Earth years. And according to mythology the ancient civilizations looked to the planet as if they were gods of the heavens. And Mars was the god of war and aggression he was a warrior and just like the color of blood the color of fiery red is ruled by Mars which is also known as the planet of the red color.

Just like here on planet Earth, Mars has four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. But because this planet takes longer in its orbit of the Sun the seasons last longer than here on Earth. Planet Mars temperature is freezing cold, but can get up to 30 degrees in the summer time. It has hardly any atmosphere and if an Earthling went there without a spacesuit then he would die because the air is so thin.

Mars the god of war

In astrology Mars is considered a dynamic planet and just like the god of war the people who are strongly influenced by this planet enjoy taking action and discover new things. They are often the pioneers who like to explore new fields where no man has ever been.

The return of Mars to your natal chart

Planet Mars orbit around the Sun last approximate 23 month, which in astrology is also called the transit of a planet or the cycle of a planet. When Mars return to the position of your natal Mars you will find that you have a lot more energy than usual and you are ready to take action and get on with any project you have planed on doing.

Or you will feel like starting a brand new project. It can also be because of the positive vibration and energy your projects and radiate to others that opportunities presents themselves to you and someone may offer you a job or give you a similar good offer.

Mars represents the engine in a person

Mars is the engine in you that runs you whenever you need to take action and get things done. If you follow the cycle of this planet, then you will see a result of the plans you made or the project you started, at the return of the planet Mars to your natal Mars, when the planet form a square aspect to your natal Mars.

The Cycle of Mars opposition

But you will also see if the project is going to be a success or not when Mars forms an opposite aspect 180 degrees from your natal planet. You then have to make a decision whether to keep going or make some adjustment or simply let it go.

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