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Mars – Pluto Aspects

Mars and Pluto:

A very powerful combination of planetary forces which gives rise to many tests involving the expression of the desire nature and the direction of will power.

When these two are in hard aspect (especially when functioning from the personality level), there is the tendency to use the will (the First Ray of Pluto) in order to subjugate and conquer any opposition to one’s desires. Not a pretty picture!

When on the level of the Soul, the hard aspects indicate a great deal of tension in the Disciple’s urge to fuse the greater Will of the Higher Self with the lesser will of the lower. A great struggle ensues so that the individual may emerge one-pointed in his or her focus on the Path. When victorious, the hard aspects give strength and determination to one’s growth and development.

The easy aspects allow the fusion of the energies that these planets represent to take place more harmoniously.

The conjunction is very significant as it intensifies this urge to merge the two primary aspects of our Self (Soul and personality) into a functioning unit of devoted will to the Plan.

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