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Mars – Saturn Aspects

Mars and Saturn:

This is not the easiest of combinations from the level of the personality, especially when in conjunction, or in any of the hard aspects.

Saturn and Mars produce complexities in their blending, producing mental blocks and patterns that inhibit the flow of intuition.

Very often there is the urge to focus the desires with such strength that they become the dominating patterns of one’s life.

Yet there is hope in this combination for Mars is exalted in Saturn’s sign Capricorn, and the positive aspects especially allow for one’s personal desire nature to come under the harmonious direction of Active Intelligence. This clears the way for the right use of will.

As any planetary combination is complex, it may manifest in a variety of ways.

However, two strong, but opposing, themes of the Saturn-Mars combination concerns willpower and authority.

On the one hand, individuals born with Saturn and Mars in difficult aspect may receive the impression from outside authorities or internal influences that their self efficacy and will power are not worthy, substandard, or simply not good enough. There may be a sense with this combination that the harsh conditions of the world significant impair, contract, or render meek their assertiveness and desire nature.

However, the opposite pole may be also true with this planetary pairing: the hardship, difficulties, and frustrations of the real world help to hone, discipline, and develop the will into a highly potent force.

This response to the Saturn-Mars complex gives a noticeable endurance, tenacity, and never-say-quit capacity to the individual that allows one to not only cope with frustration, but to overcome and master life.

To some degree, any hard Saturn aspect leads to an overcompensating effect; if one feels intrinsically unworthy, there is often a greater-than-usual motivation to re-balance the sense of inferiority.

The author Sue Tompkins captures the complex dynamic of the Saturn-Mars influence:

“[The combination has] long been associated with, on the one hand, paralysis of the individual’s will and an inability to assert the self with, on the other, the application of extreme self-will, courage, and possibly aggressive domination.”

(source: Aspects in Astrology)

As each individual is multifaceted, it is likely that persons born with Saturn-Mars aspects realize and taste both poles of the influence.

Celebrities born with Mars in aspect with Saturn

Born with Saturn and Mars in aspect, the following individuals display many of the common traits of the Saturn-Mars interface.

Michael Jordan (February 17th, 1963; Saturn opposite Mars)

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

With Jordan, we see the classic dynamic of how the hardship of a Saturn aspect can ultimately be honed to achieve great accomplishments. For Jordan, the label of “superstar” may have been something to be earned as much as it was the result of god-given talent.

It is now legend that Jordan was originally cut by his high school basketball coach because he was too small and lacked the performance necessary to compete. Such defeat made Jordan practice even harder and forced him to develop his basketball skills.

Although biographers may be guilty of overestimating the impact of this event, it is quite remarkable that Jordan went from being cut from his high school basketball team to become the rising star at the University of North Carolina in a tremendously short period of time.

Certainly, much of Jordan’s skills may have flowered while in college and in the pro’s, but there is no denying that Jordan’s success is as much the result of his extraordinary talent as it is love of competition. Whether it is on the basketball court, the baseball field, or the golf links, Jordan’s desire for competition is quite remarkable. (It may also be that his highly developed love of competition also led to difficulties with gambling as well.)

Cal Ripken (August 24, 1960; Saturn sextile Mars)

Cal Ripken

Cal Ripken

Although Ripken may not receive the star-centered attention as other baseball luminaries like Barry Bonds or Babe Ruth, his quiet durability and endurance was as extraordinary as other more dazzling achievements.

Earning the nickname of “Iron Man,” Ripken played in over two thousand straight baseball competitions spanning sixteen seasons. (Yes, the other baseball player noted for his outstanding durability, Lou Gehrig, was also born with a major Saturn-Mars influence, Saturn trine Mars.)

As Ripken was born with the harmonious sextile aspect, the struggle to develop willpower may have been achieved relatively effortlessly, without significant major defeats endured in early development. Ripken also displays another facet of Saturn-Mars: leadership.

Often Saturn-Mars individuals make notable executives and leaders due to their welding of assertion with integrity and responsibility. Ripken is as something of a shining “Ambassador of Baseball,” particularly in light of the dark shadow cast upon the sport recently. Beyond being a notable competitor, like Jordan, he is seen as something of a role model for children due to his competitive spirit, tenacity, fair play, and sportsmanship.

Condoleeza Rice (November 14, 1954; Saturn square Mars)

Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza Rice

Born with Saturn and Mars in hard aspect, with Condoleeza Rice we see many of the possibilities of Saturn and Mars in difficult configuration.

From many accounts, Rice endured some very trying experiences as a youth, experiences which did not break her, but molded her. Her hardships in youth led her to state that she needed to be “‘twice as good’ as non-minorities.” (source: Wikipedia). Even an aunt commented on Condi’s tenacity in youth, “Condi’s always been so focused, ever since she was really, really young.” (Source: London Times, 2004)

Certainly, a quick glance at her accomplishments shows the mark of a Type A overachiever. Graduating from college years earlier than her peers, learning several languages, and rising to become one the most powerful women in the world has taken extreme diligence and responsible work ethic.

For good or ill, the Saturn-Mars aspect is often a classic signature in leaders that seemingly come out-of-nowhere or from adverse, lowly circumstances. Once their will is ignited, they seemingly are indefatigable and unstoppable. Besides witnessing the overcompensating effect of Saturn-Mars, we can also see that Rice typifies some of the more classic “blood-and-iron” qualities of the Saturn-Mars configuration, with her tense, poised, and strong public persona.

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