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Mars In Scorpio

Mars  in Scorpio

This position represents contained energy. There is likely to be intense pressure which produces an uneven flow. Nothing is accomplished freely and easily. Much driving energy is behind all action. You will feel that it takes power to accomplish anything.

This position of Mars emphasizes the extremes of Scorpio. You will sacrifice everything for your goal. You may aim for spiritual heights or destructive power.

In either case you bring much intensity to your action. You take careful aim and seldom miss your mark. Much of what you do can be considered spectacular even though it may seem commonplace to you. You will not settle for halfway measures and are likely to destroy anything which does not measure up to your previously determined level of proficiency.

You have perfectionist tendencies although you hate spending any amount of time putting on the finishing touches. You prefer to accomplish your goal with one well-aimed shot. You very much dislike wasting energy on anything less than total achievement. Hostilities also are well-aimed and well controlled. Hysterectomy and prostate surgery are very common with this position.

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