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Mars – Uranus Aspects

Mars and Uranus:

This can be a very positive influence when activated from the level of the Soul. It is then that Uranus as the governing force of the sacral (sexual) center * inspires the generation of those forms and activities that advance the Path and the Plan. Thus one’s desires become the desires of the Soul!

When these planets are in hard aspect or if they are under the sway of the personality, misuse of sexual energy is often the result. This can point to devotion to sexuality as the path in life and a very unhealthy preoccupation with sexual experimentation. It is not so much the exploration of one’s sexuality that is amiss here (for that is part of one’s psychological growth), it is the obsession with one’s sexuality that brings about inner warfare and lost battles.

The effects of the conjunction are variable (but intense!) and depend a great deal upon the level of the individual’s evolutionary level.

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