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Medical Astrology And Cancer

Normally I do not discern male from female gender concerning medical astrology. Cancer, however, has to be dealt with specifically. My idea is influenced by the fact that women’s role in society and partnership is still too different from men’s. I have done some research and found that African psychologists have always been convinced of social disbalances causing diseases.

I would like to anticipate the therapeutical approach. For my experience it is useful to ask the patient the following questions: Did you want to overpower anyone and failed eventually ? Did the struggle for power wear you down and left you in bitterness ? Did you experience feelings of despair because of a seemingly insoluble conflict ?”

Looking at the biography of women concerned I have noticed that they usually have a very anxious side. They are scared of people with charismatic power. They are easily intimidated by somebody who is able to bulldoze, although they have the ability to rule just as well. They are NOT weak in general, though they might have the impression to be so (7th house Pluto). It obviously depends on the situation and the persons involved, if the woman takes the powerful position or the weak one (Sun in hard aspect to Pluto).

Women with cancer are extremely sensibilized by the invisible power, that is around male sex (this explanation can be understood literally and in a figurative meaning: 7th house Pluto). They go through an experience of co-dependence, being overpowered and intimidated (Pluto in hard aspect to the Ascendant). There is very little cooperation in partnership, but a battle aiming for predominance. These patients usually have partners they unconsciously turn into a sparring partner in order to re-experience conflicts of power. “Re-experience” means that these conflicts are generally rooted in childhood and years later her partner takes over the role of a predator, similar to her parents (4th house Pluto).

Women playing the part of a martyr are much more susceptible to get afflicted with cancer than others. Cancer is a symbol for the “bullet that knocked them down”. These patients are trapped in a relationship they regard as fatality. There are partnerships in which the woman is a “non-existing person with no abilities”. The dominant partner reduces her influence to nothing. She surrenders to him “laying on her back” – a phrase that can be understood literally (7th house Pluto). Cancer can be the result of a long term masochism. Submissiveness is always the result of not standing up for her rights, but creeping and thereby creating an affinity to sadism.

A few years ago I met an enticing lady who got afflicted with cancer and was in remission. My “crap detector inside” (intuition) noticed a particular behavior pattern: she had a tendency to take revenge in a hard-hearted way by touching a sore spot of the persons she was involved with. While doing this she remained cool and stuck to the facts like a manager lady (Moon in hard aspect to Mercury meaning the repression of emotions). She did all this in a way that made me shudder and I could feel that it was HER as well who carried a lot of fascinating and chaotic darkness, not only her (former) partner. During our entire discussion she did not display any physical aggression (Mars in hard aspect to Saturn).

For my experience cancer goes along with a long term repression of deep–extreme emotions that the person concerned feels ashamed of (Moon in hard aspect to Pluto). Repressing feelings of disappointment and humiliation over years instead of crying and sobbing obviously makes the tumor grow. The tumor must be regarded *the soul’s garbage can*. This can is the result of an inability to unburden and not letting other people know about their inner turmoil (Moon in hard aspect to Pluto). The tumor can also be viewed a “Gordian knot” comprising many contradictory feelings that have affected confusion over many years. The great problem now is that the typical patient prefers looking at life from the purely logical point of view, repressing the wisdom of her Inner Child (Moon in hard aspect to Mercury).

Women and cancer. My experience and some Buddhist psychology #2

Buddhist psychology has the word “knots”.

If somebody talks unfriendly to us we do not take it to heart, if we know the reason for his reaction. If we do not know the reason for being told off we would regard it as an offense. The result can be the formation of a knot. The basis for such a formation is the lack of clear understanding. If we train complete knowledge we are able to recognize knots at the moment they come into existence. Let me give an example.

On a party a wife overhears her husband showing off to a group of guests. She instantly feels the formation of a knot. If both partners talk the situation over, they will probably gain a clear understanding and she will be able to undo her knot. The important fact is that we need to pay attention to knots as soon as they come into existence. If we fail undoing our knots they have the strong tendency to worsen. Our consciousness knows that negative feelings such as anger, fear and hatred are not acceptable to us nor for society. This is why it finds a way to suppress them and store them in “the outskirts” of our consciousness. Since we want to avoid suffering we build up mechanisms of aversion to deny these negative feelings and defraud ourselves by a sort of peace deep inside us that does not really exist. The weird fact is that knots keep seeking for opportunities to display themselves in the shape of destructive pictures, feelings, thoughts, words and behaviors.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Transforming and Healing: The Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness].

Please note that the conventional oncology also speaks of a ‘knot’ ! Isn’t it a typical behavior pattern of numerous women to avoid suffering by ignoring negative feelings and displaying a “deep peace inside” that does not exist ?

Most women have specific communication patterns.

  • 1. They do not live out their feelings and express their thoughts to their partner. They tend to explode all of a sudden blaming him just for everything.
  • 2. Some will compulsively attempt to manipulate with words (Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto) and have an affinity to sexual violence (Mars in hard aspect to Saturn), both behaviors being part of their SHADOW projected onto their partner.
  • 3. When both partners talk things over they often fail in just reporting facts and searching for solutions that help both.
  • 4. They easily get involved with nerve-racking and extremely intense (hurting) arguments. The sad thing is that both partners only rarely come to a conciliatory finish. The result is often an attitude of reluctance, since both partners are not willing to give in. The situation is “indurated” and the knot might already be indurated as well.

Cancer and its physical love connection cannot be ignored. There can be an ambivalence between her sexual desire on the one hand and a vital interest in protecting herself on the other (Venus in inconjunct to Saturn).

As for women getting sick past their fifties, medical doctors say that the disease is triggered by a hormonal disbalance. I am convinced that this also has to do with our contemporary way of looking at “older people”. The women I mean have been dependant on love-messages and were used to receive compliments on their wonderful body and their sex-appeal (Venus in hard aspect to the Ascendant), but all of a sudden they feel that flirts have come to a halt – even if it is not true – a perception that is fueled by their fear of aging. This experience is a shock for them creating a feeling that their sex-appeal is destroyed.

They don’t feel loved any more and shut down. To make things clear: I do NOT mean the love that Christianity has taught us for many centuries, but PHYSICAL love: getting aroused – touching – caressing into orgasm.

The therapeutical approach should be aiming at getting this person back into life … and into sexuality !


Gerhard Miller Bio:

Born German in 1956 I have practiced graphology for more than 20 years before getting into astrology. I studied astrology under Peter Niehenke, former president of German Astrologers Association. I have since been studying independently. My focus is now on psychological conflicts that cause various diseases (… or is it synchronicity?). I am a trained health practitioner. The way I assess disorders is influenced by Dr. Bach (“Diseases are rooted in flaws and ambiguities”), Dr. Reich (his main oeuvre on cancer being one of the most thrilling books I ever read) and Dr. Jung (whose terms PERSONA and SHADOW I adore). I call myself a *researcher who wanders around in the soul’s catacombs with his torch*.

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