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Medical Astrology

You have just stepped into an incredible world of medical astrology where a trained individual can look at the ‘natal’ chart of when you were born, and be able to spot potential weaknesses of a system or organ in your body. And forewarned is forearmed from a medical astrologer’s perspective.

What is Medical Astrology?

Medical astrology is a science and a healing art, which uses the information, derived from one’s astrology chart at birth (the natal chart) to ascertain that individual¹s state of dis-ease and wellness. The natal chart accurately describes one’s personality and one’s potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances. The natal chart is our celestial DNATM and Medical Astrology is the science that analyzes how these imbalances can manifest in our physical body. When the natal chart is studied in light of present or future planetary movements (transits), Medical Astrology also provides insight into the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or taper off.

Little know that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and the one that medical doctors take an oath from, said that no one should call themselves a doctor unless they were also an astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient. Unfortunately, the AMA did not include that in their oath they give to their doctors! Too bad, because medical astrology can provide vital, life-saving information–particularly in the realm of misdiagnosed or undiagnosible conditions.

Not only that, we use medical astrology to find the best date for a surgery! Want a surgery to go right? Without malpractice on the surgeon’s part? Without contracting more infections/germs than you went in with? To heal up at maximum instead of minimum?

What are the key principles behind Medical Astrology?

Medical Astrology follows a holistic and energetic model: instead of treating symptoms, medical astrology seeks to balance a person’ s physical and mental energies. Medical astrology recognizes that one’s personality influences one’ s health. It recognizes that we are biologically attuned to the movements of the planets as we constantly receive magnetic energy from the planets through our aura and skin. Hence, one can only achieve health by living in harmony with universal life forces.

Are there other medical systems that use similar principles?

Yes; other traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Native American Shamanism use similar principles. Several healing therapies and practices such as Polarity, Yoga and Chakra healing use astrology as a guide.

How old is Medical Astrology?

It dates back at least to 400 BC. First developed by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, it was the way medicine was practiced well into the 17th Century. Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce are two of the most prominent healers who revived the use of astrology as a healing art in the early part of the 20th Century.

What have practitioners said about astrology as a healing art?

“There is evidence showing that some illnesses are more common in people born in certain months. For example, schizophrenia appears to be more common in people born in January or February. It has also been found that people born at exactly the same time and place lead remarkably similar lives and even die at the same time, from similar causes, despite having completely different DNA. They are known as astral or spiritual twins”, Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., Founder of the Health Institute for Women. Check our references for articles published dy Dr. Northrup, who is an advoctae of Medical Astrology.

“Astrological research seems to show that health and nutritional problems can be anticipatedŠ This cohesive universal order (between moons, planets, atoms and molecules) should be obvious to anyone who has observed the movements of the stars or watched the germination of a plant or the birth of a baby”, Dr. Bruce Eric Hedendal, D.C. and former President of the Wholistic Health Foundation.

“The fact that it is possible to reconstruct a person’s character fairly accurately from his birth data shows the relative validity of astrology. Everything born at a particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time”, Carl G. Jung, Foremost Psychologist in the 20th Century.

We hope you will look at our ongoing articles on Medical Astrology, to pick up useful, practical ideas about your health.

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