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boa-cirAbout the Flower Essences

“As above, so below.”

The mystery of our existence lies in the relationship we have with the universe around us. The map of the heavens at our time of birth provides a chart of the influences and energies we will be dealing with throughout our lives. As the planets perform their stately dance we experience joy and sorrow, bounty and hardship. We are children of the stars.

Amidst these influences, we have the responsibility for action. How we dance is our choice alone. Our father is the sky, but, as the ancient tribes knew, our mother is the earth. By wisely balancing earth and sky we can move through our life to its fulfillment, seeing each experience as an opportunity for growth.

fc-squYet it can be diffficult at times to see the right choice to make, and we can be overwhelmed by the energy that sweeps us along.

We are fortunate indeed to live in a time when consciousness is quickening and the veils over our perception are beginning to slip away. In these times we have been granted the healing power of the earth itself, expressed in the ephemeral beauty of flowers. When we understand that these are expressions of our mother earth and may be used to assist us on our journey, we have a tool of great power in our lives.

The flowers represent the earth’s deepest wisdom, coming as they do from the most ancient continent on earth. In this land, vast areas have remained free of geological transformation for 1000 million years, while other areas have undergone continuous change. Humans have lived in harmony with the land since Dreamtime, and the heart of the country is where mankind first developed language and symbolism.

gso-triEssences made from flowers can grant us the ability to tap into this wisdom. Our understandings are not rational, but emotional and etheric, yet they provide real balance. When we have upheaval and difficulty in our lives, our response is critical to whether we grow from it or we are merely damaged by it. The essences allow us access to our deepest soul wisdom so that by our actions we can create new realities, and experience difficulty not as trauma but as a part of our life pattern. These essences will change nothing but our own perception of events. We are able to dance, joyfully.

The Grounded Heavens Planet Essences have been chosen because their vibrations most closely reflect the energies of the planets. A planet’s energy may express positively in our lives, or negatively, depending on the stress it is receiving. For example, a well-aspected Saturn can represent pragmatic and sustained hard work to achieve our ends. Under stress, it may display as negativity and self-doubt, accompanied by hardship and lack. Saturn essence will restore the faith we need in ourselves, so that we can see our situation as a necessary step to new achievement.

gl-cirPreparation and use of Flower Essences

Each planet essence consists of a combination of between four and six flowers. They have been prepared by infusing the flower petals in pure water under the Sun or different astrological formations. A stock essence is made, and the planet essences have been prepared from these stocks, using a base of pure rainwater, with a small amount of brandy as a preservative. (The essence may be prepared without brandy, but should be used promptly to avoid contamination.)

To use the essences, take seven drops under the tongue every morning on rising, and every evening on retiring (or take as required to gain balance under difficulty). Their effect is etheric, so time should be allowed for them to work, and we recommend not using stimulants within fifteen minutes of taking them.

kb-squIt is important to complete the course of the essences once you have started, since they represent a process of emotional rebalancing which needs time to take effect. It is likely that your outlook will improve within a few days, and while you might no longer feel the need for them, you should continue the whole course (about two weeks). On the other hand, don’t beat up on yourself if you forget. They are from the earth, and so very forgiving. Complete the course as you can.


Because flower essences, and vibrational medicine in general, represent a different paradigm to that of big medicine, their effects cannot be measured (although the upcoming mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune may see a change in this situation!) We do not claim to cure illness, but rather to enhance wellness.

dr-triIn the vibrational paradigm, illness is a manifestation of emotional dysfunction, of unharmonious interaction with the universe and the cycle of life and death. When we align ourselves to our purpose and true nature, we experience the bounty of the universe. The dark times can become a vehicle to further understanding. The essences will not do this for us, but will give us broader vision, and the courage to transform ourselves. The choice remains with us.

A note to astrologers: There is no attempt to assign rulership of planets to any particular flower, and some flowers appear in a number of essences. Their vibratory healing power is simply appropriate to the planet’s energy.

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