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Astrology of Health

Astrology of HealthGenerally speaking, astrology has had a long-standing connection both with individual health (the direct influence of the Sun signs and ruling planets) and with the medical profession (which in the past often used astrology to make diagnoses and prescribe treatments).

In particular, the Sun and the rising signs are great indicators of where you may be vulnerable to particular health problems.

Each sign is traditionally connected to a specific body part, organ, or organ system. And it is almost invariably true that those body parts, organs, or organ systems will figure prominently in an individual’s life – either because there’s an associated health problem or vulnerability; or, interestingly, because that area is remarkably strong and healthy!

Apart from the general Sun- and rising-sign characteristics regarding health, look in your birth chart for the planetary influences and placements near the Ascendant, and in the first and sixth houses.

Also consider the general influence and placement in the chart of the Sun and the Moon.

Finally, consider the personality characteristics indicated by the chart. A strong emphasis on stress, tension, or undue worry, for example, may indicate related physical problems (such as high blood pressure) or psychological difficulties (such as anxiety or depression), or perhaps even a tendency toward hypochondria. Overly confident and optimistic people, on the other hand, may ignore the physical symptoms of poor health until a real problem develops.

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