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Health Through The Zodiac Signs

I wish to focus upon how the zodiac signs, deal with the body and its needs and peculiarities. As I describe these unique perspectives, remember that we are referring not only to the sun position, but also to the moon, the rising sign, or a stellium, which is a planetary concentration. One can know these particulars by calculating a horoscope using the exact time, date and place of birth. Here’s to your health!

Doctors go back to Astrology for the very roots of their professional knowledge. Hippocartes who has been named “The Father of Medicine” lived about 2,500 years ago. He has been quoted as saying, “A physician cannot safely administer medicine unless he be acquainted with the first principles of Astrology”.

Some physicians today still use a Decumbiture chart, which is a horoscope cast for the onset of the illness. It symbolises the patient and his disease, its development, its times of crisis and its cure. Nicholas Culpeper was the master of the decumbiture approach, and used it very well in the 17th century.

Traditionally astrology was used to diagnose disease through the zodiac-planets-body link. Treatment was given through herbal remedies, determined from the theory of correspondences and the doctrine of sympathy or antipathy. For example, by sympathy, a Venus ruled herb such as Lady’s Mantle would be used for gynaecological problems. By antipathy, a warm Sun herb, such as St. John’s wort would dispel a cold Saturn depression.

The fact that a Zodiacal sign may hint at a bodily weakness, or that your personal horoscope points out the potential of a physical ailment does not mean that this will physically eventuate. It could be that you show an avid interest in that part of the body (ie. a Taurean opera star cares for his throat, or a Cancerian model watches her diet excessively) or that there may even be an inherited tendency towards a particular disease. (ie. heart disease).

The traditional Health Correspondences, including the body parts and organs ruled by each Zodiac sign and the typical diseases and symptoms follows:


Aries: Taurus:

Headache, neuralgia, acne, epilepsy, migraines
and toothache.


Goitre, diphtheria, croup, tonsillitis, swollen
neck, hoarseness and laryngitis.

Gemini: Cancer:
Body parts and organs:

Shoulders, lungs, arms, hands,
thymus, bronchial tubes, nervous system, speech, trachea and dorsal spine.

Body parts and organs:

Oesophagus, stomach, diaphragm,
pancreas, breasts, womb, ribs and digestive organs.


Pleurisy, asthma, anxiety, tuberculosis,
bronchitis and problems with arms, shoulders and hands.


Anaemia, gastric and stomach problems and

Leo: Virgo:
Body parts and organs:

Heart, dorsal spine and nerves,
spleen and blood circulation.

Body parts and organs:

Abdominal organs, assimilation,
large and small intestines.


Organic heart trouble, backache and dizziness.


Bowel diseases, colic, diarrhoea, indigestion
and dysentery.

Libra: Scorpio:
Body parts and organs:

Adrenals, kidneys, skin and lumbar

Body parts and organs:

Genitals, prostrate and uterus.


Kidney and bladder disorders, eczema and skin


Uterine and menstrual disorders, prostrate and
venereal disease.

Sagittarius: Capricorn:
Body parts and organs:

Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve and
arterial system.

Body parts and organs:

Knees, bones, skin, cutaneous
system, joints and knee-cap


Disorders of lower extremities, arthritis in hip
and sciatica.


Rheumatism, bone and skin diseases, lame knees
and sprains.

Aquarius: Pisces
Body parts and organs:

Ankles, calves, the circulation and
Achilles tendon.

Body parts and organs:

Feet, lymphatic and glandular


Circulatory disorders, varicose veins and blood


Disorders of the lymphatic system, bunions, Gout
and chilblains.

Aries Health
This body runs fast and hot, typically, and it is amazing how little sleep it needs. The head and eyes are Aries territory, and injuries around the head are common (look for scars and bumps!). Headaches, fevers and fast-moving illnesses may occur–these people don’t have time for anything chronic! They are probably meat-eaters and disgustingly robust. Try not to eat on the run and do chew your food! They enjoy sports and physical activity and that goes a long way!

Taurus Health
Here’s another sign with a good body. Dancers, gymnasts and weight lifters are common. They’ll take supplements and like a good routine. They may get into a rut, but it will be, usually, a healthy one. A few Taureans tilt towards the Falstaffian “eat, drink and be merry” mode and then we have a weight problem. Meat and potatoes! Taurus’ body areas include the nose, mouth and ears–that may explain why they are sensualists! Taurus also rules the neck–what shall it be? the thick neck? the double chin? or the Jock’s or dancer’s neck?

Gemini Health
When nervous energy, external stimuli, and an over-booked schedule push these people past their limits, exhaustion is sure to result. Do they learn their lesson in such situations? “Not right now, I’ve got a bus to catch!…Too slow! Taxi!” These folks may get so wrapped up in a project that they will forget to eat. Fast foods and snacks on the go. Impulsive eaters can create health problems. Careful! Keep those Gemini hands busy! And please don’t smoke–your lungs are sensitive! Remember to breathe!

Cancer Health
Are you a new moon or full moon-child? Are you slender and lithe or pleasantly plump? Are you seeking affection through social intercourse or through food sublimation? Cancers are ruled by the stomachs and breasts–symbols of feeding and nurturing. As long as you are getting others to eat, why not eat well? Worries can lead to heartburn or even ulcers. So don’t forget yourself on your parental rounds! Watch your posture and find emotional security and personal happiness–the keys to your health! Ah, but you know about herbs and seasonings, don’t you!

Leo Health
Keeping healthy on exuberance and expression! To be is to do and to play is to perform…and an active life and toned body are made of these! The heart is Leo-ruled: remember to circulate amongst your friends and to give and receive love–vital to your well-being. It’s hard to eat right when you’re going for the or’douvres! The backbone is Leo-ruled too. Be courageous and generous; your temperament is intimately linked to your metabolism. Meals fit for a King or Queen cam sometimes be extravagent, rich, and high in fats and calories. OK, pace yourself! Typically you are blessed with a good body–I don’t have to tell You to enjoy it!

Virgo Health
The cabinets are stocked with vitamins and supplements! This body’s metabolism is sensitive, refined, and sometimes cantankerous! Worry can be a factor in health. The body areas are the abdomen and intestines. Nourishment, proper diet, and a good healthy regimen–all second nature to you–are necessary to maintain this busy body. Although there is a desire to take shortcuts and to take pills and other ready-made health items, you will do better to take in your vitamins through fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t worry as much and you may notice your digestion smoothing out. You will gravitate towards vegetarianism.

Libra Health
Strong emotions can stress out this body. There is an androgynous makeup internally, which can add physical strength to women but may tend to weaken men’s constitutions. Attune your bod’ to the rhythm of the music and move that thing! What a great way to exercise! The waist and kidneys are apportioned to this sign. Wine mixes with romance, but remember to keep your scales balanced! You tend to do many things in fads; this includes cooking and eating habits as well as hobbies and exercise programs. As long as you are maintaining a consistent health and improvement pattern–variety is nice!–, you’ll be fine.

Scorpio Health
Moderation in all things, excess in none! You have a good strong constitution that can take a lot of aggravation, deprivation, motivation and sublimation. Be careful, for this sign rules the elimination and reproductive systems–watch out for constipation and premature e—lation (elation?)! Although your Will is very strong, you’ll need more than that to keep on track…your desire nature is a force unto itself; when you want something–whether it be good for you or not–you may just do it. Watch your weight, especially after 30. If you must indulge, choose healthy vices!

Sagittarius Health
Physically, an interesting set of paradoxes. Many athletes are born under this sign, but there are an overabundance of ungraceful clutzes tripping over their clumsy feet! This dual sign, which rules the thighs and liver, has many nature lovers and/or book readers. Guess which group is healthier (I mean physically!)? The women are more tom-boyish and generally enjoy good health. If the men are out-doorsy, they are robust; if bookish, they may not think about it. Exotic foreign foods attract. Hmm…the galloping gourmet! Remember, action needs to follow thought!

Capricorn Health
Oftentimes these folks are sickly and weak as children and grow in endurance through the years. They need to keep their spirits up and will then notice a corresponding improvement in vitality. These mountain goats rule the knees and joints–symbols of flexibility. Careful of getting stuck–as in ambition and work. Chronic problems may arise if there is too much rigidity. Put exercise and play into your appointment book! Once you get into a good, healthy routine, it is relatively easy to maintain it.

Aquarius Health
You are typically blessed with a good body–which is lucky for you because you just might ignore its needs and wants! Many plans are made, how many do you carry through? Ideas, though important, won’t improve your general health without some activity to back them up! The circulation and the shins and ankles are your allotted body areas. Movement, like hiking, bicycling and walking, are enlivening to you. You may become a vegetarian for political or environmental reasons. Now there’s an idea!

Pisces Health
Here’s another sign blessed with good health, a strong body, and natural recuperative powers. And here’s yet another sign that can ignore, push, titillate, confuse, tempt and abuse that body. Typical Pisceans, however, only thrash and trash their bod’s sporadically, so they seem to get away with it. Find the balance between helping others and yourself too. Many times a diet goes vegetarian due to an empathic link to other animal forms. Watch your feet!…Might as well use them for dance!



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