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Meditation for Gemini

By combining understanding of astrology with meditation, we can release inner blocks and increase our potential, no matter what our sign or circumstance. Each corner of the zodiac has its constructive traits and its challenging features. We can use the strength of our signs to pole-vault over the limitations inherent within each one.

In an enlightened view of astrology, we are not bound by the limitations of our signs, yet we experience them. It is important to find ways to transcend them in order to harness higher possibilities.

Although the sun sign is very powerful, if you know your moon and rising sign, those suggestions will be helpful, too. Meditation is a powerful step in accessing new levels of awareness. It is a way of surrendering to the wisdom of the soul while also taking effective actions. It enables the soul to function more fully and clearly to accomplish its chosen mission on the planet!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

You know quite well how your mind is both a blessing and a curse. However, your mind is your servant, you are not its slave! Attempt quiet meditation in a regulated way — same place, same time of day and length of duration. Still your mind by using a simple mantra. Pick one word or a short phrase — or even just observe your breath. Your mind will go crazy, but be patient and gently return to the mantra. Don’t philosophize about why your mind races.

Think of training a puppy to go on a newspaper. You are housebreaking a puppy! Put the puppy on the paper, the puppy jumps off the paper, put the puppy back on the paper, and over and over.

Believe it or not, this IS the practice of meditation. You’re doing it! Be patient and loving with your mind, as you would be with a little puppy. Don’t get discouraged — it WILL get easier!

In conversations, resist your tendency to interrupt, interject or “chime in”. Listen intently and maintain eye contact. Keep your mind focused on what the person or people are saying. Apply your new-found patience and set your hasty conclusions aside. Let the speaker’s story unfold to you without rushing the process in your mind.

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