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Meditation for Libra

By combining understanding of astrology with meditation, we can release inner blocks and increase our potential, no matter what our sign or circumstance. Each corner of the zodiac has its constructive traits and its challenging features. We can use the strength of our signs to pole-vault over the limitations inherent within each one.

In an enlightened view of astrology, we are not bound by the limitations of our signs, yet we experience them. It is important to find ways to transcend them in order to harness higher possibilities.

Although the sun sign is very powerful, if you know your moon and rising sign, those suggestions will be helpful, too. Meditation is a powerful step in accessing new levels of awareness. It is a way of surrendering to the wisdom of the soul while also taking effective actions. It enables the soul to function more fully and clearly to accomplish its chosen mission on the planet!

Libra (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

When you are trying to make a decision, look at the facts objectively. Don’t base choices on feelings and drama. One fool-proof technique is to make a pros and cons list. One piece of paper is divided into pros and cons if you take the action — use another sheet for the pros and cons of not taking the action.

Next, read each list in the mirror as if it were six months after you made the choice. Pretend you’re talking to a trusted friend. You’ll see the answer in your own eyes. When you want to change your mind as you invariably will, re-read the lists and ask yourself if the facts have changed — if they haven’t, then why would you change or doubt your original decision?

This exercise will help you develop the courage to look at things without denial, excuses or sugar-coating.

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