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The Mercury Cycle

The first of the planets in the solar system in order from the sun is the planet Mercury and this planet is the closest to the Sun. This planet moves fast and only takes approximate 88 days to orbit the Sun. It is estimated that the distance Mercury is orbiting from the Sun is around 57.9 million km. It is too close to the Sun to have any kind of season because it is extremely hot.

The color of the planet Mercury is very much like that of our Moon and it is considered to be a silvery color. It is the smallest planet and only one-third of the size of Earth. We consider it the planet of speed and alertness. In the Roman mythology Mercury was the messenger of the gods a clever young man who was as quick as the wind that it was believed that he had wings. Because he was so clever in his speech he functioned well in the role as a communicator who was also supposed to have invented music, math and astronomy.

Do you know how you express yourself through the planet Mercury?

In astrology Mercury is the planet that rules your minds intellectual energy it is the planet of intelligence. It governs communication, speaking and writing. Short distance travels and a range of different transports is related to Mercury. It also rules post, mail and any kinds of paper work. And whenever Mercury is retrograding in its orbit of the solar system we may experience delay in our paper work, receiving of letters and the things that is influenced by Mercury.

Where ever the planet Mercury is in your natal horoscope is how you express this planet. It is through the influence of the house (houses takes on a vibration on their own) that Mercury is placed in your horoscope that you express this planet.

When Mercury is placed in one of the most powerful position in a person’s horoscope he/she will find verbal communication easy in fact it will be second to their nature to speak and are clever with words. They will be able to remember good stories which they will be happy to share just to entertain everyone.

They will not shy away from a good discussion they will probably even enjoy it. Physically they are muscular and well build and quick in their activities.

The ability to speak well and use your voice comes under the planet Mercury. You will find that many successful public speakers or TV broadcasters will have Mercury in a powerful position in their horoscope. Anything connected to the use of the voice such as singing and acting will be strongly influenced by this planet. It also governs the nervous system and small things like handwriting, pen, post and short distance travel and transport.

There is usually a negative and a positive side to all the planets and sometimes we are not aware that we are expressing the negative side. It can be because we are going through a tough time and the lessons we have to learn through it all feels a bit unfair and hard to deal with. We then might at times get more into the negative side of Mercury which will gives you a tendency to criticize, being sarcastic and argumentative. Crime, scams, fraud, dishonesty, and forgery are also aspects that come under the negative side of the planet Mercury.

Since it is the planet Mercury that orbits closest to the Sun of the entire planets in our solar system it is always close to your Sun in your birth chart. It will either be in your Sun sign or in one of the signs on either side of your sign.

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