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Mercury In Leo

Mercury  in Leo

This position of Mercury has 3 possible Sun Sign or House combinations which are quite different.

  • The strongest is that of Virgo or the Sixth House. The Sun then produces a mutual reception factor by sign or house.
  • If the Sun is in Cancer or the Fourth House, Mercury’s position here tends to alleviate the shyness and give the Sun a spotlighted spokesman.
  • If the Sun also is in Leo or the Fifth House, the mind cooperates closely to support the ego needs of the individual in the most logical and intellectual manner possible.

In any case, your abilities are broader and cover more territory if there is some distance between the two.

Being in different signs or houses also broadens the interest and mental ability.

When Mercury is in Leo it is captured by the Sun’s expression. You will be dramatic in your speech and presentation of logical argument.

This position of Mercury carries with it the support and vitality of the Solar energy and it’s association with the life line of the body. It therefore contributes greatly to the health which is largely dependent and sensitive to the thought processes.

Here are a few keynotes of the MERCURY in Leo. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Mercury in Leo: Dramatic presentation of self and ideas. Learns so he can be on-stage and highly visible in presenting points of view. Exaggerates an idea bigger than life so it can be seen or felt by others. Colorful speech. Lively communicator, lots of stories, fun to listen to, may be hard to get a word in edgewise with this person. Generous with teachings. Needs an audience. DETOUR: may be given to exaggeration, life-drama or “acting out” if no wholesome outlet for theatre or stage, overly attracting attention to self, demanding attention for self, projecting blame onto others.

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