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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 2014

In 2014, Mercury will be retrograde during:
  • February 6–28
  • June 7–July 2
  • October 4–25

Mercury appears retrograde 3 times a year for approximately 3 weeks at a time. I attach a 3 week shadow (from the degree it will go direct at, to the degree it retrogrades from) making it a 9 week period altogether!! This will explain why you feel it before the actual dates. You will also learn that the shadow period is just as tricky as the retrograde itself. If you’re a Gemini or a Virgo, ruled by Mercury, it can be even more challenging. The exception can be anyone born under Mercury Retrograde who may feel more at home during this time or not experience the same frustration as the rest of us.

Here are the positives and negatives of infamous Mecury Retrograde.


Anything having to do with communication (cell phones, computers, electronics) and transportation (cars, travel schedules) can go haywire, slow down or not operate at all.

We once had a battery operated mantel clock that would always get glitchy during Mercury Retrograde One time the hands even started moving backwards (retrograde)! It always corrected itself after Mercury Retrograde.

Because Mercury rules communication you must be really careful of what you say and how you say it. Words can be misconstrued.

It’s also a bad time to start anything new or sign any contracts or documents. It’s best not to make major decisions as thinking may not be 100% clear. Life happens no matter what but try to plan anything important around the shadow periods.


So what can possibly be positive? Retrograde means to go backward, therefore it is a good time to go back and complete old tasks. Mercury REtrograde presents an opportunity to contact people from your past. Reach out to someone you need to REconcile with.

It’s not favorable to hook up with new people but an excellent time to REunite with friends and family! Rather than solicit new contacts, REturn to your sphere of influence and REconnect. It’s not the best occasion to get married but how about REmarried?

Be careful with remodeling. If it’s your first time doing it and contracts are involved mind the whole shadow period or things will have to be REdone!

People have different opinions on traveling while Mercury is retrograde. If it can be avoided, it probably should. Plans may have to be REscheduled. Past travel destinations are favored over new ones and there is some potential for traveling snafus. Allow extra time and patience!

If you’ve been waiting for something or to hear from someone it could happen now too. It’s the perfect time for REminiscing!

We all have the ability to focus on the positive and make the most of trying situations. Use your energy wisely and constructively. Rather than branching out in new directions, go down a tried and true path. Be patient and really cautious with the words you choose and use. Drive especially carefully. Take time to REview. REthink things before you take action as Mercury rules the mind.

Stay as focused as possible but don’t let it run your life. Did Mercury Retrograde bother you BEFORE you knew about it?

Sometimes we have to REpeat the past in order to appreciate the future!

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