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Mercury in the 2nd House

☿ Mercury in the Second House

Rules – Gemini/Virgo
Detriment – Sagittarius/Pisces
Exaltation – Aquarius
Fall – Leo
Represents – intellect, expression
Keyword – reasoning ability

Mercury in 2nd House Meaning – The Mind is Focused on Money

The Second House is the area of the chart which is said to symbolize moveable assets, finances; innate talents and inner resources; personal values and how we seek security. When we find Mercury in the Second House, our approach to these matters will most naturally come through the intellect. This is also where our mental powers would be most beneficially used to learn about life and how to handle second-house issues.

The Earth influence associated with the Second House suggests that your a mental energy is practical and grounded. It is likely that your mental energy will be turned toward matters associated with physical survival and providing for comfort and financial security. More abstractly, you may turn your attention to forming values. However, if you do not consciously reconsider your value system, then it is likely that you will not deviate from the value system to which you have been conditioned–one that is dominated by material values and self-interest. (Gargatholil)

Mercury in the 2nd House: Positive Traits

The people with Mercury in 2nd House usually take a mental approach to finances and this area is also apt to hold their intellectual interest in other ways, too. They may be clever in the area of finance and something of an entrepreneur. Business activities may include mercurial pursuits such as writing, publishing and the communications media in general as well as teaching. Knowledge may be pursued in the hopes of this leading to financial gain and stability.

A 2nd house Mercury indicates that they may be inventive and gain financially from their inventions. Some may hold mercurial jobs such as secretaries or librarians or work as accountants. The nature of planets aspecting Mercury, the type of aspect, the house and sign position of aspecting planets as well as this planet’s sign placement will color the financial picture more completely. Mercurial assets such as dexterity, flexibility, adaptability and cleverness may be used to this individual’s financial advantage.

In the second house, Mercury indicates a mind concerned with securing personal resources which may be both material and psychological. The possession of clear values and a personal sense of worth are important to people with Mercury in 2nd house. At heart, they often feel the need for the security which comes with an intelligent recognition of a sense of values and self-esteem, though they might not always be aware of it. Often the trait takes the form of a pride of ownership. Attachment to physical objects, people or inner desires and ways of thinking is characteristic. So people with this placement may need to learn very consciously how to appreciate their worth without beint either possessive or smothering to excess. They are capable fo reaching a realization of the worth of their inner system of values and the way in which they use these in their dealings with others. At the same time, it is possible for them to combine this inner awareness with a desire for material and intellectual security and resources. Coming to a satisfactory appreciation of their possessions without feeling that they themselves are owned by them, or by their own attitudes of mind, may help them considerably. (Freda Edis)

In the second house we also find indications of how a person goes about seeking security. With Mercury in the Second house the mercurial powers may be used to give the native a greater sense of security by helping him to understand his environment and the people and things within it.

The main method of exerting effort is mental rather than physical, working through the nervous system. Those with Mercury in the Second House prefer to analyze tasks rather than use muscle power to accomplish them. Thinking and communicating are the most natural work orientation, although physical movement is necessary to provide a sense of satisfaction. Boring repetition deadens their motivation. The challenge is to divide any job into a series of smaller tasks, turning their attention from one to the other in sequence until the job is finished, thus keeping interest high and turning work into play.

A 2nd house Mercury indicates that the thoughts and communication often center around the issue of monetary resources, in terms of both acquisition and use. As with the Moon, fortunes may fluctuate, but the emphasis here is entirely mental rather than emotional. Money is appropriately used to provide mental stimulus, to further their education, or to promote communication, the sense of connectedness to a network of ideas. The challenge is to see the acquisition and use of money as an endless game, a stimulant toward developing rational faculties of clear perception and orgnanization. (Bill Herbst)

You are likely to enjoy talking about your possessions, your material resources, what you value and about those activities undertaken to acquire wealth. You may also enjoy discussing aesthetics or how your environment could be arranged to provide the most comfortable surroundings. You may also be an able business communicator, particularly with respect to trading and acquisitions. Your communication is likely to have a practical focus, since you are apt to feel that those things worth communicating about are what contributes to material welfare, comfort and security. (Gargatholil)

If well-aspected, Mercury in the 2nd house can be a skilful manipulator of money or finance, especially adept at arbitration and making deals with others. Money can be earned through such professions as selling, writing, lecturing, teaching, secretarial work, the transport industry, etc.. They may be concerned with the movement or distribution of goods, with devising new techniques of production, or with ways of improving the quality of existing products. Innate values to be developed include inventiveness, dexterity, flexibility and a talent for using words. (Howard Sasportas)

Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house of siblings and close kin. Therefore, second-house placement may work for, or in partnership with, family members. Whatever the case, a second-house Mercury is usually indicative of a person whose mind will be preoccupied with second-house issues. This area will then be transmuted into a learning experience about life in general. Conditions of the second house will give clues as to how this person will fare in grappling with these issues.

People with Mercury in the second house usually desire to be self-supporting early in life. They are always out to make a buck, and not always honorably or legally (the strength and elevation of Jupiter and Saturn will testify to this). They may live by their wits or by writing, speaking, acting, or teaching.

With Mercury in the second house, the mind tends to work fairly slowly, one step at a time, and seeks to create a totally realistic, all-embracing, and dependable world view. Until this world view is complete (which is never), these people do not feel secure in venturing their opinions. They develop a philosophical nature: curious, eager to acquire facts, yet at the same time very slow to accept data that does not conform to their already crystallized ideas, and inclined to be less and less open as time goes by. The people with Mercury in the 2nd house like to keep their ideas to themselves, and don’t like to argue them out with others. They would sooner write a book or an article in which they can outline their entire view on a subject than discuss or argue it point by point with someone else. A free-flowing exchange of serious topics is uncomfortable for them, and they will usually shrug it off and back out rather than hash over a concept. (Stephanie Camilleri)

Mercury in the Second House: Negative Traits

You may become inwardly insecure when you see your mental abilities as what must bring you success at acquiring material possessions and living in material affluence. That part of your self-worth that you attach to your mental and communicating proficiencies is, then, vulnerable to you achieving material success in life. You may conceive that the sole value of your intellect is in playing the game of material acquisition. You dismiss thinking for its own sake as something frivolous. If you are not successful materially, then you may disparage your intellect and turn away from it. This not only lowers your self-esteem, it also practically guarantees your failure in the material world. You may compensate by redefining your concept of material success by valuing those things that are not rewards for a keen intellect. You may also fear the burden of pursuing material success, due to your inner insecurities. This, also, may prompt you to reject your intellect and to appear dull and uncommunicative to others. (Gargatholil)

Choice-making between things of value might be a function which would benefit people with Mercury in the second house. Where there is little discrimination between values, it is often because people are afraid to let go of what they once possessed, even when it becomes redundant. Fear of the consequences of making the wrong choice is a factor involved here. But, sometimes in life, this cannot be avoided, and people with a second-house Mercury may find it a painful process. Hermes was party to this dilemma when he gave the golden apple to Paris, asking him to judge who was the most beautiful goddess, Hera, Aphrodite, or Athene. Paris attempted to wriggle out of making the choice; but Hermes, on orders from Zeus, would not let him. Possession and repossession was a constant theme in the Trojan War, whether it was of Helen herself, or the city of Troy. Holding on to redundant values for too long can mean that the psyche rigidifies and can develop no furhter; so keeping a constant eye on the meaning of values may be one of the tasks facing people with Mercury in the second house. (Freda Edis)

There is apt to be a stubbornness with Mercury in the 2nd house; once the mind is made up, it is hard to change it. This is even more likely if Mercury is in a fixed sign. There is a tendency (especially for those with the Sun in Virgo or Gemini) for ideas to crystallize, thus building a structure too rigid for a comfortable, free-flowing mental life. If this happens, events may occur at some point during the life that will eb very painful, as these crystallized ideas or attitudes are forcibly dissolved and restructured. (Stephanie Camilleri)

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