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Mercury In Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury here gives a mind slow to be convinced but very stubborn once a stand is taken. You have a good memory for what you have been able to understand. You learn best by doing rather than just having someone explain something to you verbally. You will have a practical mind which deals particularly well with basic and useful information. You may also have an artistic ability particularly with architecture or some kind of design.

If the Sun is also in Taurus, Mercury will be acting in ways very close to you personally. Your thoughts will be a reflection of your basic desires and approach. If your Sun is in one of the adjoining signs, Mercury will slow you down and cause you to be more cautious and slower in coming to decisions than you might like to be. Your thought processes will slow down some of your impulsiveness.

Here are a few keynotes of the Mercury in Taurus. This should NOT be considered an exhaustive list.

Mercury in Taurus: A steady and sometimes slow learner, but when he “gets” something he really gets it. Practical mind, wants to see results, very thorough. Interest in finances, agriculture, horticulture, business, investments, real estate, animals, farming, values, bodywork, sensuality, music, arts and crafts. Needs to have hands-on. experiential, kinesthetic learning. DETOURS: frustration, anger (can be passive-aggressive), stubborn, resistant, not being allowed to learn at his own pace – fast or slow, or not grasping the importance of a subject, or how theory applies in practice.

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