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Mercury Transit In Aries 2018: Get to the Point Quickly

Mercury Transit In Aries: March 6 – Apr 15, 2018

“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

— Dante Alighieri

Now that the communication planet, Mercury, is finally coming out of the murky and dreamy waters of Pisces on March 6, our mental facilities are about to kick into high gear. Enough with the silent treatments, the poetic language or the total evasion of ever getting to the point!

Were all about to lose patience with the exchange of information and ideas now that Mercury is moving into the cardinal fire of Aries. Its best you know what you want to say and get to the bottom line as quickly as possible if you dont want to piss people off.

Digressions are not allowed under this influence. If you have something to say, say it with passion, speed and efficiency for best results.

Mercury in Aries is bold, direct and to the point. Speak your mind, but you don’t have to be aggressive. A firm, honest approach helps create clarity. This is a time you can safely be more upfront with your loved ones.

That said, kids may be more direct too, so try to appreciate their to-the-point style. There’s no softening the truth with this placement. Instead, tell it like it is. An energetic approach to communication will help you enjoy debate more than usual.

Ideas about new challenges or projects arise, as this fresh pairing stimulates your thoughts. Take a stand with family or strike out on your own in some way. Independence is important now.

Were more apt to think and speak in Twitter-fashion, i.e. say what you need to say in 50 characters or less. Dont be surprised if people start abusing all of the abbreviations and even start speaking in #hashtags under this influence to speed things up.

Yes, its that kind of energy, and well be speaking like our tongues and brains are on fire. Due to the inherent impatience of now-now-now Aries, we may expect results faster than usual with all forms of movement, travel and other exchange.

Were also more likely to speak our minds in raw if not primitive (read: truck driver mouth) fashion. Diplomatic phrasing is out the window under this burning influence. In other words, were best off embracing our inner hothead during this time.

The blessing and curse of this transit is that we wont be so concerned with how our communication comes off to others. So if you have a tendency to speak in people-pleasing ways that disguise your real truth, this is the time to finally speak your piece with the bold and blunt childlike honesty of Aries.

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